A Fresh Start

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity, its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

This quote just seems so fitting for today, January 1st. Regardless of where we’ve been or what may have happened in the past, today marks the beginning of 2013 and a fresh start.

Today, we had the opportunity to meet up with a fellow blogger we have been following for a few years, Gary and Stephanie from RV There Yet. As we were contemplating starting our RV journey, they were such an inspiration to us (especially me) as they took time to answer many questions about full time RVing. Thank you Gary and Stephanie for taking time today to meet with us.

DSCN0189Next on our agenda for today was to take it easy. I am not a football junky so we did not focus on the football marathon that is still going on as I write this. Instead we watched some HGTV program about super swimming pools followed by a program about celebrity’s RVs. We are finally watching the Rose Parade which we recorded earlier. It was a good way to spend the day inside since the outside it was dreary, wet and cold.

After dinner, Carol and I chatted about our options for spring and summer 2013. We have an invitation to come back to Blue Ridge, Georgia and play with the llamas again plus a couple of options to work in Arizona. We would appreciate your prayers we work through our options.

Wednesday, Carol heads to Corpus Christi for a week to play grandma while I stick around the ranch. Weather forecast looks better as things should start drying out a bit. Texas needs the rain but I prefer that to happen when the temperatures are warmer. Cold and wet is not a good combination.

We wish everyone a prosperous new year and hope all your dreams come true. Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

2 responses to “A Fresh Start

  1. Bob & Carol Higginbotham

    Hey! If you come back to Ga. you will be close to us again and you will get to use the shovel again!! LOL!! Carol can play midwife. I am sure that all the llamas would love to see you. Not eeryone would enjoy the llamas as much as the two of you did. i know that they were so comfortable with the way that you offered them freedom to leave for days at a time. Seriously would love to show you some of the attractions here in the area. A lot to see and we would love to be there to show them to you. Glad that all is well with the two of you. Was getting alittle bit worried about the two of you. Bob has asked me several times about if I had heard from you! Please keep us informed with your decisions for the future. Bob and Carol

  2. Hi Jerry & Carol,
    I have been catching up on your blogs from back to October when we left on our trip to Australia. You’ve been busy and moved around a lot since then! I’m confused…by reading your blog you keep talking about becoming full-time RVers. I thought you already were.

    Looks like you’ve moved on from San Antone. I hoped we could meet while you were nearby.

    Best to you in the new year. I know you’ll enjoy whatever you decided to do.

    Susan & Bob

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