I Fix Ugly Yellow Headlights

Yep I do. That is one of the things I did today. The headlight lens on Cramalot-Inn were badly yellowed. That is the only thing Camping World was not able to get completed because the person they called to do this was not available. So this afternoon, I fixed our ugly yellow headlights. Following are before and after photos. Do you have ugly yellow headlights? Let me know, I can fix that and my price is reasonable.

Before I fixed the ugly yellow headlights on Cramaot-Inn, I fixed a quilting table for Carol. On our move from Bandera to Hidden Valley RV Park in San Antonio back in October, we discovered the quilting table apparent got caught on of the rear slides and broke. The table is made of Lexan and is designed to provide a larger work surface as it wraps around the arm on Carol’s embroidery machine. After gluing the broken piece back in place,  I added a couple of support pieces that will strengthen the repair. Unfortunately, the gluing process distorted the clear finish of the original product. Maybe I should try polishing the repaired table with my “fix ugly yellow headlights” polish.

This morning, our project was to replace the fish feeder. A few months ago, the fish feeder fell into the pond. The fish were very happy since they had a generous feeding that day. The motor survived the dip in the pond but the control did not. I wired in a new controller to the motor and battery and verified everything worked as it should.  We loaded the feeder, cutting torch, and fish food on the front end loader and took off for the pond. Morris used the torch to cut 4 new mounting holes in the support beam while I verified the solar cell was charging the battery and programmed the controller for two feedings daily.  Satisfied that everything was operational, we decided it was time for lunch.

Carol spend the day on laundry so that means we have sun-dried sheets on the bed tonight. After all the work Carol and I did today, Meiling decided it was time for a nap. She is preparing for the cooler weather that will visit us for the next few days. Of course she was keeping a watchful eye on me as I snapped the photo.

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

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