I knew playing FarmVille on Facebook would come in handy one day. We picked up a gig for the winter that places us on the farm or perhaps I should say on the ranch. We are headed to Ledbetter, Texas to a private farm/ranch. We responded to an ad that read:

Texas. Farming and Ranching in central Texas located on 200 picturesque acres near Giddings, TX – 60 mi east of Austin.   Opportunity to work cattle, assist with fence building and repair, and general maintenance of pastures.  Knowledge of cattle and ranch operations preferred, not necessary.

Carol called and discussed our background with them. She also explained that we knew the area well since she has family who live in Giddings. We moved from Hidden Valley RV Park in San Antonio to Potters Creek Park (COE) on Canyon Lake, north of San Antonio on Sunday 9/30. On Monday 10/1, we made a 200 mile round trip from Potters Creek to Ledbetter to check out the place. Where is Ledbetter? About 10 miles East of Giddings, 6 miles West of Carmine, 20 miles North of La Grange and 30 miles south of Dime Box.

This is country living where the closest neighbor is a couple of miles down the road. The farm is the first cattle guard on left down this road.

If you look real hard, you will see the farm-house at the end of the road. We actually drove about 3 miles down a gravel/dirt road like this one before we turned on to this road.  So, just how far into the country are we? We are 6 miles from a small Walmart and 20 miles away from a well stocked grocery store.  We have AT&T signal so we have cell and internet service, plus our satellite dish has a clear shot of the southern sky.

We are also fairly close to our family so we will be together for the holidays. Now you want to know just what we will be doing. A 200 acre cattle ranch has fences that need mending, trees that need trimming, pastures that need maintaining and of course cows that need feeding and prodding. This photo shows some of the Angus cattle on the property.

Here is a view of what I am looking at as I write this blog from Potters Creek.

Pretty cool? You can see, some of the weekend tenters have started arriving. My MacBook blocks the lower portion of the photo. You can just see the fire ring in the center. That is where we have our night-time campfire. Tonight we will need to wrap up a bit since it will be a bit chilly. Good night for a campfire. We will be here through Saturday night.

We start our new gig on October 31st so we will still have  chance to visit with family in Burton and Corpus Christi. We will be coming back to New Braunfels before heading for the ranch on 31st. We need to get our big awning replaced and Camping World gave us a deal we cannot refuse.

Carol has lunch ready so I will close for now. We may just venture off to visit Fischer, Texas this afternoon. I’ll tell you about that in the next post. Meanwhile, enjoy a shot from our campfire last night.

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

4 responses to “FarmVille

  1. Whoohoo! Congrats on the gig! I think I saw that ad, or one very similar to it – not that I’m looking, mind you. Carmine, you say? You’ll be in my “old neighborhood,” as Carmine is not that far from Brenham. Sounds like a wonderful job description and I know you’ll like the area. Well done!

  2. Hey – that is the kind of job Leonard would love if we were looking to work. Congrats.

  3. Bob & Carol Higginbotham

    So love traveling with you and so grateful for you sharing your latest happenings. Enjoy your next few days and get geared up for your latest workcamping gig! Stay sae my friends and remember to smile.

  4. I do personally have extensive knowledge with cows and horses so I want to share a couple of the priority items…….don’t walk behind them too closely, they kick and watch out for the other end because they bite. :-). Enjoy your time there on the ranch.

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