Change of Plans

Well, things did not work out as expected at Country Accents Antiques. Without getting into details, let’s just say there was a sufficient miscommunication that caused us to reconsider our options. We gave our notice this morning. We pull up stakes Wednesday morning.

Where are we going? First we have an appointment with an RV shop just down the road to get an inspection for our extended warranty. Then we are headed further south to meet Mark and Teri Blaschke from Hidden Valley RV in Southwest San Antonio. We will be there through the weekend. After that we are taking a vacation. More on that later.

After lunch, this afternoon, we took a drive to Lake Medina. On the way we found one RV park that looked like a place for folks on the witness protection program. Not a place we want to work. While there we called a couple of parks on the lake to see if they had workamper needs. Nope. Nothing there. We decided to head back to the RV and stick to our original plan to not look for anything until we got to Hidden Valley.

However, I decided to check some notes I made back in July while we were in Blue Ridge, GA and looking for places in Texas. Pioneer River Resort  in Bandera was looking for a general maintenance person back in July.  Duties include – mowing, plumbing, electrical, pool cleaning, tree trimming and escorting customers to sites.  Work for FHU w/ CATV, free WIFI. I can do that. When I saw the ad in July, the manager said they needed someone immediately. I just filed the info for the future. After reading the ad to Carol, I gave her the number to call to see if by chance they needed help this winter. Well, guess what? The person they hired in July left yesterday. For two days now, I had been praying for God to show me where we are to spend winter. Could this be it? Since we were driving around, we decided to pay them a visit.  Nothing better than having a face to face interview. First we stopped at the Bandera DQ for a time-out. While there, I got a phone message to someone had reviewed our workamper resume that we keep updated and on a site for workampers.

We headed for Pioneer River Resort and met the managers. After chatting for a few minutes, we nailed down our winter workamp spot. Thank you Jesus for providing once again. They are booked up for Nov 1-4 for hunter’s weekend so depending on when we started, we would most likely have to move that weekend then move again after the weekend. We decided to take a vacation during the month of October and start our winter workamp job on Monday November 5th.

So where are we going to spend our vacation from October 14th through November 5th? We are not sure just yet. I am sure we will spend a little time in Corpus Christi, Houston and other places yet to be determined. You will just have to come back to see where we land.

While it is disappointing I will not be working in a wood shop, we are happy that we are staying in the Texas Hill Country.

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.

5 responses to “Change of Plans

  1. I have stayed at the Pioneer parks in Palacios, TX and in Port Aransas and liked both parks. I am sure you will be happy at the Pioneer Park, I am hoping to visit the Pioneer Park in Bandera sometime.

  2. Bob & Carol Higginbotham

    Jerry and Carol,
    So sorry that things did not work out for you two! But everything happens for a reason as you two very well know. Hope that the vacation is relaxing and that you can gear up for your next workcamping adventure. Hope that the two of you have safe travels. Bob and I are getting in the mood for some adventures ourselves. So afraid that we will have a bad experience like we did in Texarcana Arkansas. That was a nightmare. But as we both know we can always leave. Saying prayers for both of you and thanks for the update. Take care and may God guide your travels.
    Bob and Carol

  3. See you tomorrow.

  4. Sorry to hear that you plans didn’t work out but you know sometimes God’s plans are different than ours. Everything works together for good to those that love the Lord. Enjoy your new job and have a GREAT vacation.
    Dave and Marge

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