Babyland General Hospital

No need for alarm. Babyland General Hospital is not a pediatric hospital. It is not even a people hospital. Babyland General is the showplace and birthplace for Cabbage Patch Kids located in Cleveland, Georgia.

This is an amazing place, especially if you have a kind heart towards Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. Carol learned how to make these adorable dolls back in the 80’s. As we walked through the maze of dolls, we were astounded at intricate detail that was put into make this place. Truly amazing.

Here are a few photos from our visit today.

Newborn Nursery in top left

Daycare Nurse – bottom right.

Carol posing in the Cabbage Chair with a new Cabbage Patch Kid and outside with her two Bunny Bees. (on right)

As tempting as it was to adopt a new Cabbage kid or two, we just let it go. Where would we put them in our RV? The Bunny Bees will be a good reminder of our visit to this area.

As we headed back on Highway 129, it did not take long for us to encounter this.

This did not look good. Traffic can easily come to a quick stop on twisty two lane highways running through the mountains. It did not take long before the view behind us looked like this.

We discovered a vehicle had drifted to the right edge of the highway and lost control. Fortunately, a tree stopped the vehicles forward motion and two other trees stopped the vehicle’s lateral motion.  We do not believe the drive was seriously hurt in this one vehicle accident. It was a good reminder that these mountain roads can be hazardous.

The roadway opened up after we were stopped for about 45 minutes. We were able to continue on to our next destination, Alexander’s. Their new website is not ready yet so I can only tell you this store is kinda like an outlet department store in less space and is located out in the country. We did not have time to go though the store to see what all is there so we are planning on making a second trip to Alexander’s later this week. We also plan to visit the Misty Mountain Model Railroad Museum. The owner describes it as “the largest privately owned O-guage train display in America: 14 trains travel on a mile of track thru southern Appalachian Mountains & North Georgia (scenery).

That is it for our day trip to Cleveland, GA. Next weekend, we have visitors coming from Chattanooga. Bob and Carol have been following our blog for some time and wanted to come visit us and the llamas. We are excited to have them come so we can put face to names. Also, they said they would like to bring us some fresh hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts as a treat. That will be a treat since I’ve not had a fresh doughnut since we left Corpus Christi. We look forward to their visit and treat.

Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

One response to “Babyland General Hospital

  1. Carol Higginbotham

    Hello, Just wanted to leave you a note to say that we hope that you have a safe and uneventful journey as you venture toward your new destination. Please stay in touch! Bob&Carol

    Sent from my iPad

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