Family Celebration

For our family, Labor Day weekend normally means spending the weekend at Live Oak Ranch on the Guadalupe River just below the Canyon Lake Dam. This beautiful spread is a place of tranquility. We thank Carol’s brother, Jay, for following his vision and dream in developing this great place. Our family has been blessed to be able to enjoy our time here. This year, Carol and I are unable to be a part of the weekend due to our workamp commitment in Blue Ridge, GA.

We attempted a SKYPE call on Saturday that did not work very well.  While we are missing our family, God has blessed with our stay in Blue Ridge.

The family crowd is smaller this year. Other than us being in Georgia, we have family in California and Oklahoma. Also, this will most likely be the last year to enjoy Live Oak Ranch.

When I read through the blog of my RV friends Stephanie and Greg from RV There Yet, Howard and Linda from RV-Dreams, Rick and Paulette from Rick and Paulette’s RV Travels and many others, I reflect on the times Carol and I have had at Live Oak Ranch. I realize how important family is and how fortunate we are. As our nomadic lifestyle takes us away from family for a season, we are meeting new friends along the way.

Today, I thank God for our family, our gatherings and our friends. Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

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