Man On The Floor

Back in the days before coed dorms, when a gentleman was invited up to his date’s room, the lady would shout, “Man on the floor!” This announcement allowed women who may be scantily dressed to clear the hall, thus preventing any embarrassing encounters. Of course today with coed dorms, that is no longer a problem. On the llama farm, it is vitally important to keep the boys and girls separated.

My normal morning chore involves cleaning the boys barn, feeding the boys, and freshening the hay and water. While the boys are eating, they are harnessed and tied. This gives my an opportunity to open the pasture’s gate, bring in the Chuckwagon so I can clean their pasture later, then close and secure the gate. Finally I normally walk the boys around a bit, then release them.

This week’s routine is a little different. We have an injured llama who is confined in the barn. This week, I am also moving hay. Somehow, all this change caused a major distraction for me this morning. It wasn’t until after I released the boys, that I realized I failed to close the pasture’s gate. So guess where the boys went? Yep. On open door is like an open invitation. Fortunately, Carol had not released the girls to the pasture just yet. I was able to get her attention to let her know to keep the girls contained in their barn.

Now boys being boys, just knew how to find the girls. I was able to close the gate to boys pasture before all the boys escaped. Then I was able to get one more gate closed that kept all the boys from getting too close to the girls. Trust me when I say the boys go gaga over the girls and even fight over the girls. With Carol’s help we were able to coral the three adventurous boys and get them back into their pasture. I am not sure which is easier, herding cats or herding llamas.

Once everyone was back where they belonged, Carol finished with the girls, I finished scooping and dumping poop. As I dragged my tired butt into the RV, Carol suggested going to Corner Stone Cafe in Ellijay for breakfast then a visit to Starbucks to borrow their WiFi. Great idea especially since I do not have to cook after having to the herd llamas.

So here we are, sitting in Starbucks using their very slow WiFi. At least it is free.

Thanks for stopping by, Y’all come back now.

2 responses to “Man On The Floor

  1. Your day reminds me… My cousin Jimmy is a police officer North Huntington , PA. One day they got a call about a marauding llama. It took them 3 days to finally capture him. Jimmy said it was the hardest take down in his career!

  2. Y’all make me giggle. Sounds like a crazy morning!

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