Wood Floor and BABY ALERT

The project of installing a wood floor continues. Sunday I pulled up the carpet tack strip from the perimeter of the room, pulled the gazillion staples that held the carpet pad in place, and pulled nails from the baseboard trim so I can use the trim again.

Monday I added screws to sub-floor to remove some of the floor squeak that is currently there. Sub-floor was nailed down. Nails tend work loose over time so the screws should eliminate most of the squeaks permanently. Keep that in mind when building decks. Screws may be more expensive, but you will never have a problem with loose boards on the deck.

Then adding a layer of 15# tar paper will provide a sound barrier between the sub floor and new floor. This will also prevent wood squeaks.

No squeaky floor here!

After six boxes of flooring, this is what the floor looks like today. Tomorrow, I get to put down six more boxes of flooring.


After working on the floor, it was time for a break before we started our evening barn cleanup.  I opted for a nap. Carol wanted to nap also but she was watching Magic pretty close. Magic was past her due date. Around 5 this afternoon, Carol stepped out of the RV to check on Magic. She called me at 5:30 and said it was time for me to get up and come check out the baby.

Say hello to Junior. Magic is checking her out. Junior is a she.

Carol is checking out Junior.

Here is a link to a short video of Junior checking out the new environment. 

Junior’s sire is Frankie. Too bad Frankie is not here to see her. Pam sold Frankie shortly after we arrived.

Putting down a hardwood floor and oohing over a new baby llama is about all the excitement we can stand in one day. Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

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