New Project

I have a new project that should keep me pretty busy for the next few days. In May 2009, we decided to pull the carpet from our house in Corpus Christi. That was a large job that required lots of hours. Under all the carpet was a beautiful hardwood floor. Considering how long it had been hidden by carpet, we were pleased with the condition. I refinished the floors with Rejuvenate just before listing the house for sale.

Our bedroom in our former house after carpet was removed.

I had so much fun back in 2009, that I decided it was time to do it again. Well, that’s not exactly the way this new project started. Jerry and Pam wanted to do something different in their bedroom and decided it was time for the carpet to go. In this case the carpet is being replaced with a hardwood floor. I failed to get a good before photo so this will have to do.

My Next Big Project

This project is one room, not an entire house. The master bedroom is 14×20 and does not include carpet in a closet. The boards you see laying on the carpet are pieces of the baseboard that have to be removed. This in itself is a tedious process.

Step by step

It is also important to number the baseboard pieces so they can be returned to their original position when replacing. It also helps to number the wall as well. That will be covered when the baseboard goes back up.

Numbers are important.

Jerry wanted to hold on to the carpet piece so it was moved to the basement.

280 Sq Ft Used Carpet

So what does the floor in the bedroom look like now that the carpet is removed?

End of Phase 1

The three garbage bags hold the padding. Can you see the small pieces of foam on the floor in front of the bags? Those are just a few of the gazillion staples that have to be removed along with the tack strip that run the perimeter of the room.

Since I’m not going to show you what the new floor will look like, I’ll close with a picture of what Carol was doing.

Carol’s Secret Project

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back tomorrow for a preview of the new floor.

One response to “New Project

  1. Can’t wait to see the new floor. Good job on the demo.

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