Change in Destination

Well, there has been  change in our destination once we leave here. We are still going to Texas but we are arriving sooner than planned and we will be about 45 miles northwest of where we were headed.

The photo on the right is a clue to what I will be doing. Many of you know I love woodworking. And you will remember that I sold my tools (gave away) and all the stuff I had collected while in Corpus Christi. Well, as we began our search for a place to spend the winter in Texas, I found this ad.

Experienced couple needed for an antique business in the Texas Hill Country. Small acreage in scenic area. Business needs long-term help with furniture refinishing, groundskeeper, general handyman, carpenter, refinisher, domestic animal care, and loading. Trailer knowledge helpful. Property includes a mock olde town, country store, restaurant, two cabins, Victorian gazebo, herb/butterfly garden, and veggie gardens. We provide a full RV hook-up and salary. House pets and horses are okay.  Country Accents Antiques, Pipe Creek, Texas. Visit our website at

Now how often to you find a job in the RV world where the main job skill is related to woodworking and includes a salary? We have learned to pay attention to odd things. Remember, we are working on a llama farm. (You can read how that came about here.) So we made contact with Country Accents Antiques. Shortly after we began the interview process, we encountered silence. That usually means a closed-door. Ok so we move on. That’s when we found Hidden Valley RV Park, in Van Ormy, Tx just southwest of San Antonio.

We began talking with Teri Blaschke. She and her husband Mark are the owners. Teri filled us in on what we would be doing and answered all our questions. We came to an agreement that worked for all of us. Teri and I became friends on FB and she started reading our blog. We were moving on.

Then the silence broke. We got a call from the owner of Country Accents. She explained the silence – technology failure. Her website went down as well as her connection to the internet. Once she realized there was a technical burr in the saddle, she got busy resolving the problem. It took her a couple of weeks to get all the issues resolved. Now she was ready to continue with us on the interview process. After speaking with their soon to be former shop foreman, we came to a hiring agreement.We will be leaving here on Saturday 9/21 and arriving at Pipe Creek, Tx on Wednesday 9/26. Someone please tell me that I-20 is better than I-10 through Louisiana. We will be taking the toll road around Austin since I do know I-35 through Austin is a major PITA.

Now we had the awful duty of talking with Teri at Hidden Valley. She was very gracious and understood the situation. We will be visiting with her at Hidden Valley while we are in Texas. I would certainly encourage any of our RV readers who are interested in heading to Texas for the winter to stop by Hidden Valley. If you are interested in a workamp position there, please contact her through their website.

Since we have embarked on our journey, people have asked how we  found our places to work. The answer is always the same – we ask God to show us where He want us. I recently came across a couple of quotes on FB that are true.

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough. – Ellen Sirleaf, President of Liberia

Carol and I are living our dream. Many of our friends have wondered if we were crazy. Many just could not understand. The only way I can answer them is to say when God speaks, our job is to take action.

Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier? REGRET.

I have not been able to verify the source of this. It does have a ring of truth in it. Having read many RV blogs, i can tell you there are plenty of sad stories of folks who waited too long to start their RV journey.

Our RVing friends understand these two quotes. So I simply ask, “What are you waiting for?”

Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

3 responses to “Change in Destination

  1. Sounds terrific! Close to lots of family.

  2. Always great to feel good about where you are headed. Sounds llke an ideal match.

  3. Thanks for your recommendation Jerry. We would love to have your readers stop by and stay with us. Best wishes in your new position, it does sound like a dream job and Pipe Creek is a great location. Look forward to you and Carol stopping by sometime during your stay there.

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