Let The Weekend Begin – With Rain

Today is our Friday meaning we are off for the next two and a half days. It also means we do not have evening clean up chores. When we were in Chattanooga the other dray, we stopped by Walmart to pick up a fire safe. The only problem with the safe we bought is the size. It was much larger than we needed. So we went to Walmart in Ellijay today to exchange the larger one for the one on the right. While the two images are shown to be the same size, the one on the left is deeper and heavier than the one on the right. Plus the one on the right has a carrying handle that the one on the left does not have.

HD2100 HO100
0.4 cu.ft 0.17 cu.ft.
27 lbs 17 lbs
5.3/8 in x 13.1 in x 9.1/4 in 3 3/8 in x 12 in x 7 3/8 in

While I am not an expert on Fire Safes, I am satisfied we have a safer place to store those few documents we carry with us should we encounter a fire in the RV.

(PS – I am experimenting with different formatting options in this post. The table section above ended up with a larger font style then I was aiming for. Lot’s of stuff to learn in formatting the text using WordPress with themes.)

When we got back to the RV, we realized we forgot to turn on the bedroom A/C before we left. It was 96 outside and 86 inside. It took a while to get the temperature to come down in the RV. We need to be more careful about making sure the bedroom A/C is on before we leave for an extended period of time especially if our doggies are left in the trailer.

Remember that rain we were waiting for yesterday? It showed up this evening. It did cool things down a bit so tomorrow should be a good day to visit the Ocoee Whitewater Center to actually watch the headwater arrive at the center. We will take our doggies with us for an early picnic lunch while we watch the rafters come down the river.

That’s about it for today. Ya’ll come back now.

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