Catching Up Is Hard To Do

I got behind the blog writing when Laura and Gage where here. Catching up is hard to do. This blog may be a bit longer but it catches up.

Sunday, 7/8 Laura, Gage and I took a drive to the Ocooe Whitewater Center in Tennessee about 20 miles west of here. The Toccoa river in Georgia changes names to the Ocooe River in Tennessee. If you recall, we had a picnic supper by the Toccoa River and enjoyed a Blue Grass Jam when Laura and Gage first arrived. The Tennessee Valley Authority manages the water flow that gives the rafters their white water. This river sports class III and class IV rapids.

There where blue rafts.
And green rafts
And red rafts
  Red Blk
Plus there were cool views of kayakers

Rocket Kayak
This is where it all begins. The view from Boyd’s Gap presents a good perspective of the starting point about 3 miles up river from the Ocooe Whitewater Center.
There is a forest service road that is used to deliver the rafters to their starting point. I’ve been told to be there before the TVA opens the valve from the dam. The sight of the river being filled with water from the dam has to be spectacular.

If you look at the view from Google map you can see the dry river bed. There is a dam at the start and end of the route. Many rafters continue past the second dam (End at the top of the photo) as they journey closer to Lake Ocooe another 5 miles away.
   Ocooe River
After a day of watching the rafters conquer the river, Laura and Gage gave their sign of approval.

Laura’s vacation was over. On Monday, 7/9, we drove to Atlanta where we dropped her off for her flight to Houston. From there she would drive back to Corpus Christi. Our grandson, Gage would remain with us until Wednesday.
   IMG 0377
Tuesday, Gage worked with me tending the boys. He did a great job handling the chores. The llamas need fresh water.
Then he prepped the feed buckets.
He fed Major Deal.
Then he fed Rudy.
After the llamas eat, they are then walked. We do not want them to forget what walking on lead is about.  First out of the barn is Major Deal.

Followed by Rudy.
Then Smudge.

Gage learned how to tie the halters to the fence.
Then we drove chuck wagon to the llama poo dumping grounds.
Then Tuesday evening, he help clean up the girls’ barn. Those girls sure do make a mess!
  IMG 0373
It did not take him long to slip off to dream land.
  IMG 0390
Wednesday, we drove one more time to Atlanta. Gage flew his first unaccompanied flight. He just took off like he knew what he was doing. Of course the gate attendant was leading him off.
   IMG 0394
I can only imagine Gage telling his school mates what he did during summer vacation. So long Gage. It was a fun week.  G’mee and I were sad to see him go.
   IMG 0396
So there you have it. Next blog posting will tell the story of the missing purse and the broken fence post. Ya’ll come back now.

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