Smaller Honey Do List

I now have a smaller Honey Do List. After completing my weekly Monday outdoor task (drain and back flush black tank), I decided it would be a good thing to reduce the size of my Honey Do List.

Carol has wanted a swing arm mirror in the bathroom so she can see her face in the AM. Even though we are retired and do not have to “go to work” with other people and dress in casual business attire, she likes to look nice, especially for me. In the morning on our days off or after our morning chores with the llamas, she likes to put on some basic make-up.  The swing arm mirror makes that task much easier for her.

Today’s blog demonstrates the process of mounting a swing arm mirror on the bathroom wall. Before we start, be sure to read and follow all safety instructions that come with the tools involved. Most importantly, make sure you wear appropriate OSHA approved PPE.  (Norm Abram from New Yankee Workshop would be proud of me for that safety note).

Tools I used.

Arrow RHT300 Twister Rivet Tool


Medium Rivets (1/8″ x 1/4″)


Black&Decker LDX112C 12V Lithium Drill (Note: this is good light-weight cordless drill to have in the RV)

 IMG 0344

Step 1.
When working in the bathroom sink area, make sure you plug the hole in the bottom of the sink so any small part that may be dropped is not lost or trapped in a grey tank. In my case, a single sheet of facial tissue works just fine.

IMG 0342
Step 2.
Determine and mark the location of mounting holes. Note the 2 red dots in the photo.
   IMG 0336
Step 3.
Drill two 3/16″ holes where marked (see note in Step 4). NOTE: Be sure there is nothing behind the wall into which you are about do drill. In my case, I closed the sliding pocket door so I would not drill into the door.

Step 4.
Insert rivets into the base and through the holes drilled in the wall. (Note. For best accuracy, drill one hole in the wall, insert the rivet into the bracket and the hole just drilled. Using the bracket as a guide, drill the second hole then insert the second rivet.)
  IMG 0337
Step 5.
Using the Arrow Rivet Tool and rivets, secure the bracket to the wall. I found using rivets to be the easiest way to secure items to the thin walls found in RVs.
  IMG 0338
Step 6.
Verify the two rivets secure the bracket to the wall.
  IMG 0341
Step 7.
Secure Swing Arm Mirror to bracket. Make sure to check tightness of all hardware.
  IMG 0343
After all that hard work, it is time for a nap. Tomorrow is our Monday.

Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “Smaller Honey Do List

  1. I see you found a mirror in the bronze color. Our faucets, etc are bronze too. At first had a hard time finding matches, getting easier now.Okay, go take that nap.

  2. The mirror and towel holders (aka toilet paper holders) are not quiet the same tone. We figure that is about as close as it gets unless I change the towel holders.

  3. The rivet tool looks like a good idea. I think we need to add it to our list of things to get one day. I'm also thinking that the swing arm mirror would be handy for shaving…

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