What a Week

We have been back from vacation for a week now and have not updated the blog. Of course you know that if you regularly read the blog.

We took Sunday off but resumed our work schedule on Monday (6/18). It just did not make sense to take two days off after being gone for a week. So what did we do this past week? Well, silly, we worked.

 As Carol and I were driving back on Saturday 6/16, we talked about the hay situation. We had less than 10 bales of hay before we took of on our Tennessee vacation. Pam/Jerry had ordered hay but it was not going to be delivered until the end of June. That means we would be off loading a large truck filled with hay. Pam and Jerry would be on vacation when the hay came in. On Monday we found a large stack of hay (120 bales) in barn 1. Yea! The hay came early.

IMG 0331
Tuesday our other workamper Julie came in. She is a solo workamper who has been on wheels for 8 years. She has a 24-foot Coachman Concord motor home. She worked here at Windy Valley Llamas a couple of years ago. Since Pam/Jerry were going on vacation, they asked Julie if she could come to the farm to help us out while they are gone. We are certainly happy to have her around her. Tuesday evening, Jerry (owner – not me) cooked up some of his special blackened salmon for a get acquainted dinner.

One new thing I got to do this week was climb aboard a Kobuto B7510 tractor. This is the farm’s lawnmower. It has a 20 hp diesel engine, 4 wheel drive, power steering, 60″ mid-mounted mower deck and liquid filled tires. This baby has power and extremely low center of gravity making it very stable on the hills at the farm. Also comes equipped with seat belt and roll bar for safety. I managed to get all the grass cut and did not turn the tractor over.

IMG 0228
Cody, has been doing pretty well being off lead since we’ve been back. He finally realized that Tom the cat is a friend and not something to chase.

IMG 0326 
Ricky, one of our rescued male llamas has also befriended Tom.

This weekend, a local feed store was hosting a Dock Dog competition. I’ve seen this event on TV but never live. It was pretty amazing to see these dogs sit/stay then wait for a signal from their handler. The dog would then race down the dock and leap into the air to catch their target a finally land in a pool of water.

Some dogs where big.

DSC 0259

Some dogs where small.

DSC 0261

Some dogs leaped high.

DSC 0268

Some dogs leaped far.

DSC 0282

Some owners got excited when 
their dog finally made it off the dock.

DSC 0303

Some dogs appeared to be walking on water.

DSC 0307

Some dogs made a big splash.

DSC 0322

Some dogs are just not dogs – they are pigs.
No, the pigs did not make the leap from the dock. 
They just got attention.

DSC 0354

Our youngest daughter and her son will be visiting us the first week in July. We are thrilled to have company. We are gonna love showing off the Blue Ridge Mountains. I also have a big project that my grandson Gage can help me complete. 
Tomorrow is the second day in our weekend. Time to clean inside and dump tanks. life goes on the our RV world. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. We are both counting the days!!!

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