It’s Good To Be Home

Saturday, our vacation came to an end. As we turned off Curtis Switch Road to Ada Road, the dogs got excited and knew they were almost home. We agreed and felt it was good to get home. Now for our kids, we are a long way from home. For us, home is where we park it – and that means Windy Valley Llama Farm in Blue Ridge, Gerogia.

Our day started with an outdoor breakfast. It was really cool to cook breakfast in the RV, then take the plates outside to enjoy the sounds of nature while we munched on breakfast. We said good by to our neighbors and told them a bit about our lifestyle.

Saturday was the day of a trout fishing tournament on the Raven Fork River but the traffic was light as we pulled out of Yogi in the Smokies. I am not sure where the fisher people where. Once we got closer to US-74, our cell phones let us know we had cell service. Our messages and missed call notifications started coming in. We turned south on US-74 and headed home.

Once again, we enjoyed the drive adjacent to the Nanthala River. There where lots of folks enjoying white water rafting down the river.
   IMG 0965
We pulled over to take the photos and watch. At one point a rafter was dumped into the cold water when his raft hit a protruding rock. All ended well as his raft mates were able to pull him back into the raft. We will probably take a rafting adventure before we leave the area. There are several options for us that do not include Class III or Class IV rapids. We may just tube the Toccoa River and visit the Occoee River to see the folks on the Class III and IV rapids.

We pulled out of the gorge and headed to Murphy, NC where we stopped for a break and lunch. From there, we had less then 30 minutes before we got back home. It took us about an hour to get set up. As Dorothy said, “It’s good to be home.”
   IMG 0320
Trip Statistics  – We drove 657 miles in 8 days and averaged 13.86 mpg. That was pretty good considering about 500 miles of the 657 was towing and half of that was mountain towing.

  • Fuel cost: $178.47 (avg of $3.68/gal)
  • Camping fees: $221.32 for 7 nights.
      Walden Creek, Pigeon Forge, TN – 2 nights – $39.00
      Lakeview RV in Bluff City, TN – 3 nights – $72.92
      Yogi in the Smokies, Cherokee, NC – 2 nights – $109.40
  • Meals: $198.35

On Camping fees, Walden Creek and Lakeview parks gave us 50% discount with Passport America. Yogi gave us 10% discount. We paid a premium at Yogi for a river site.

Today was R & R day.  I completed a few minor things around the RV and gave the truck a serious bath. I also grilled pork chops in a foil pack. Carol spent most of the day working on her quilt project.
  IMG 0968
Then she got busy and made a Peach Cobbler of us to enjoy for desert. YUM!
   IMG 0970
We had a nice conversation with our daughter and grandson from Corpus Christi via Face Time (Skype for Mac). We are looking at plans to fly them out here some time in July.

Naping in her nesting spot, Patches also says it is good to be home.
  IMG 0969
Tomorrow we go back to work. Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “It’s Good To Be Home

  1. So glad you, too, had a great vacation. Funny, isn't it – home is wherever our rigs are but going back to where we are parked working feels like home, too! Welcome home-home! 🙂

  2. We did some white water rafting in our younger days and had a blast. Looks like lots of folks enjoying the river. Pork chops and Peach cobbler – yumm-o!!

  3. Peach cobbler looks yummy! Can't wait to see the finished quilting project.

  4. Peach cobbler, did you say peach cobbler? I'll be right over. LOL, yeah right, from south Texas? NOT.But I do love anything peachy!Looks like your vacation from your "vacation" was just right.

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