Day 7 – Mingo Falls

Friday was chill day. With slow Wi-Fi and no cell service, we just chilled at Yogi. Saturday we head back to Blue Ridge to resume our work tending the llamas. OK, we did not chill the entire day. 

We went to Peter’s Pancakes and Waffles in Cherokee for breakfast. The place was pretty busy so our order was a bit slow coming out. The staff was apologetic about that. Next we went into a couple of the local shops that sold Indian items. Said to say that pretty much all of it was made in China or India. I am sure there may be some stores that sell authentic Indian crafts.

Cherokee is somewhat touristy just like Pigeon Forge. I could not help but think of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows. I can understand having historical and cultural events that are educational. When these events turn commercial, then I want to stay away.

After breakfast, we went to the grocery store to pick up a few essentials for tonight’s grilling activity. (More on that later.) Then on the way back, we stopped at Mingo Falls for a photo shot. Carol stayed in the truck while I trekked on. First there was a climb of about 150 steps.
  Mingo Falls 7
Then at the top, there is a short hike to a bridge that allows a full view of the falls.
   Mingo Falls 8
At 120 feet, Mingo Falls is the largest falls on the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The flow in these photos is not the best but it give you an idea of the fall.
   Mingo Falls 2
I experimented with a technique that give the water flow a soft cotton look. The next two photos are of the same spot on the falls. First one is shot in auto mode, second is shot with an extended shutter time.

 Mingo Falls 4     Mingo Falls 3 

Here are another pair showing the effect.

Mingo Falls 5      Mingo Falls 6 

Our new friends Marilyn and Alan McMillan (BlessOurVoyage-Travels of the McMillan’s Travels) came over Friday evening to join us for grilled chicken. Actually it was foil pouch chicken placed on the grill. We had beautiful weather this evening for the fellowship meal. It was so cool to enjoy a meal out doors with our friends.

IMG 0957
The day is drawing to a close and we are soon to say, “See ya down the road” to our new friends. We pray for their safety as they continue their work at Yogi in the Smokies and pray for their safety when they depart from here at the end of summer.
   IMG 0961
Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Day 7 – Mingo Falls

  1. I really need a good camera! Just look at what you are able to do. So right you are about the Indian jewelry. Not genuine unless those Indians were on a work visa in China!

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