Catching up

Memorial Day snuck up on us and left just as quick. Monday is a normal day off for us so we did not get an extra day off.

We have some new additions on the farm. Pam and Jerry (not me) drove to Savannah, GA on Saturday to pick up 3 llamas and a baby. Please say hello to the new additions,

Ricky is the black/white on the left and Indy is the brown/white on the right. Ricky is adapting to his new home very well. Indy is another story. He will need some training. It almost looks like Ricky is giving Indy some special instructions.

IMG 0276
Then we have Arkie and her baby Domino. Like Ricky, they are adapting well to their new one. Domino is about 3 months old. Ricky and Arkie were born here. That is our Golden Retriever, Cody, looking on in the foreground.
   IMG 0280
With the new additions, we now have 6 boys, 9 Ladies, and 3 mommas nursing babies. That is a lot of feed and a lot of – well you get the idea. Needless to say, they will keep us busy.

This weekend, I worked on some minor repairs and maintenance stuff that I’ve put off for a while. In the bedroom, we have an second A/C unit. There are two filters that slide out for easy cleaning. Unfortunately, the filters could not be removed because a fluorescent ceiling light fixture was in the way.

For project #1, I turned the light fixture 90 degrees. This makes room for the filters to slide out. I knew the filters where dirty because of reduced air flow. Now that I had access to filters, I cleaned the filters. Yea! Now we have better air flow from that A/C. We will need that during the summer.

Project #2 was rotating a different fluorescent ceiling lamp fixture so the power switch can be reached with out stretching over the steps leading into the bedroom. This was not a problem for me, but for Carol, she had trouble reaching the power switch on that light. Simple fix made for a happy Carol.

Project #3 was the roof. We have had our RV for one year now and have never cleaned the roof. I can’t say why other than that is just the way it was. Anyway, it was time to clean the roof. I think what motivated me to do this was I got over the anxiety of getting up on the roof when I replaced our living room ceiling fan. I also saw how dirty it was. Dang, I sure wished I had a hat on my head.

IMG 0841
Several folks from the Cedar Creek RV Owners Club recommended using Simple Green to clean the roof. The key is the rinse, rinse, rinse. So I did just that. I wet the roof, sprayed on the Simple Green cleaner, scrubbed the gunk off, then rinsed, rinsed, rinsed. Only one time did I get Carol wet. Here are before/after photos of the roof. I was impressed with the results. I do need to get back up there to clean roof around A/C as well as pull covers off A/C so I can clean the coils.

IMG 0258After IMG 0269
The roof felt solid as I walked on it. I did find a spot in the center of the roof that was tagged “Winegard”. I would think that is where the connections for a Winegard Traveler satellite would be found.

My next project is to scrub the sides of the RV so it looks good, then polish and wax the front and rear fiberglass caps. That will happen before we take our vacation to Tennessee in June. We are excited about that trip.

I’ve made reservations for us to spend two nights at Waldens Creek Campground in Pigeon Ford. Then it is off to Bristol where we will spend three nights at Lakeview RV Resport in Bristol.  Our last stop will be at Yogi in the Smokies in Cherokee, North Carolina. There we will get a chance to meet Alan and Marilyn McMillan since this is where they are working this summer. Their blog is Bless Our Voyage – Tales of the McMillan’s Travels. We’ve been following them for a could of years now. We picked a variety of places to stay so we can get a feel for the type of RV park we may want to work at next year.

And finally, we are beginning to get serious about looking at RV parks and other workamping locations in the San Antonio area for the winter. If you have recommendations, I am all ears.

I think that just about brings you up to date on our lives. We are loving it and making plans to do this for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “Catching up

  1. Good job on the roof. Simple Green is good for lots of cleaning chores – love that stuff. Your trip in June sounds like fun.

  2. Nice job on the roof. The new llamas will have a great home, once they adjust.I've been reading about oil rig gate keeping jobs in Texas. Not sure exactly where they are but the pay is very good.Still hoping to get up your way to see you!

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