Waffles and Other Stuff

Waffle can be a noun or verb. As a noun waffle is a crisp golden-brown pancake with deep indentations on both sides. As a verb, waffle is to speak or to write in a vague and wordy manor. For an example of the noun form, take a trip to a Waffle House and order a waffle breakfast. For an example of the verb form, take a trip to Washington DC and listen to any congressional speaker.

While working on our morning chores today, I really felt like I wanted waffles for breakfast, then I decided on french toast, then back to waffles. It should not be this hard to decide on breakfast. So a compromise was in order. As Carol i talked about it, we agreed to have french toast made with thick sliced Texas toast cooked on a waffle iron. So here is the new food item from breakfast, French Toast Waffle – Texas style.

IMG 0243

That was a pretty yummy breakfast. Plus I was able to enjoy waffles and french toast at the same time.

Today was hay restocking day. The hay is stored in barn 1. Barn 2 needed restocking so I moved 10 bails of hay from barn 1 to barn 2. I almost forgot to take a before photo. So here is before after stacking two bails.

IMG 0245

Here is the after photo with 10 bails stacked.

IMG 0249

Not to be outdone with breakfast, I decided to carry the waffle theme into dinner. Actually desert. Can you tell what this is?

IMG 0252

That is a Chocolate Brownie Waffle Strawberry Shortcake.

After today, I think it is safe to say that I’ve had my fill of waffles. Come back tomorrow and I’ll let you know how the grilled pizza works out.

Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Waffles and Other Stuff

  1. Hey, great idea. I live in a small RV without an oven, I made cornbread in my waffle iron the other day. Mine is a round,deep Belgium waffle maker, so I don't know about making french toast in it, I suppose I could put one piece of bread in the center.

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