Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

WOW, what an incredible park. It is hard to imagine that in 1895, this park was dedicated. The government found that most of the area had remained unchanged. The park includes over 1400 monuments and markers depicting troop placement and movement. Placement was supervised by the War Department to assure historical accuracy.

The main building houses an impressive collection of 346 rare and unique weapons that are from that period. In the main building are displays including a restored transportable forge used to maintain weapons in the field, a display of the tent office used by the field generals. Park volunteers are well versed in the history of this epic battle and present narratives about the battle.  To give you an idea of how large this battle was, there where 34,000 casualties of the 124,000 soldiers engaged. This one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles.

The park also incorporates a 7 mile driving tour of the grounds where you can literally witness the battle of Chickamauga as it occurred. Along the route, 8 markers indicate points to stop and observe the markers and monuments plus read a short brief about that location. You can look out over the fields and literally see the battle going on. You can also call 585-672-2619 to hear narrations related to each of the 8 stops along the route. That is impressive. Give it try.

  Chickamauga Battle Field It took us about 2 1/2 hours to go through the park. We really need to go back and spend more time there. The National Park Service has done a fantastic job with this place. For more information please see 

Once I get the photos off my camera and sorted, I’ll post some for you to enjoy.

After leaving the park we hurried on to Dalton, GA where we stopped for lunch. Then headed for the hills – literally. From Dalton, we drove through Chatworth, GA then drove GA-2/52 up to Ft Mountain State Park, then back down to Ellijay. It was another scenic route.

It was good to get home. We both took a nap and are ready to get back into our grove tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park

  1. Chickamauga definitely sounds like a place we need to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am usually impressed with our National Parks. It is with foresight that these treasures have been saved.

  3. Chickamauga was wonderful. We called the phone number and followed the whole eight-mile driving tour. Unfortunately we arrived toward the end of the day and could only spend a short time in the museum. We learned a lot of history that day and it brought to life what the topography and conditions were like for the soldiers' battles.

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