Babies – Really

Today we left Blue Ridge for a weekend get-a-way in Chattanooga. Before we got off, Pam came over to let us know that September was showing signs of labor. We just knew that one of the babies would pop out while we are away.

We headed for Bumblebee’s for breakfast, then fueled up the truck. We headed north out of Blue Ridge on GA-5 to the twin cities McCaysville, GA/Copperhill, TN. From there we are off on TN-68 following the Occoe River. At Duck Town, we turned west onto US-74. It was a beautiful drive as expected. Just a few miles past Lake Occoe, Carol saw a sign that indicated a vineyard was near by.

So, I followed my nose to Savannah Oaks Winery.  After a little sampling, I settled for a bottle of their Blue Diamond Chablis. We also purchased a small snack of sugar free fudge to munch on the trip. After a short chat with Bruce Davis, Owner, we headed out to the truck to get back on track.

Just as we got the truck, Carol received a call from Pam. She called to let us know that September’s little boy made an appearance at 11:40 this morning. Say hello to the newest boy on the farm. That is his Momma, September, checking him out.
Pam said that within the hour, he was up on his feet and nursing. We have one more opportunity at being there for a birth. The other lady-in-waiting, Dee, is due anytime now. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the newest addition on the farm. No name yet. Pam wants a name beginning with “R”. I am leaning towards “Ringo”.

02 03 Head Shot 

From Savannah Oaks Winery, we found our way to I-75 by TN-163. A few short miles later the traffic started to pick up and we got to Shallowford Rd where we found our pet friendly La Quinta Inn. Yep, we decided a vacation required staying in a different place.

We got checked in then headed across I-75 for a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and Best Buy. Then we headed to Camping World for the rest of our shopping. Sunday when we head back we have to figure out where this stuff will go in the truck.
   DSC 0002
Next we headed for supper (or dinner). I found a place on line using Chow Hound. This is one of my favorite links to good eats next to Guy’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The posting mentioned Nikki’s Drive-In. When I read the poster’s comments, I get interested when he said,

“The Best Shrimp I have had anywhere that was more then 1 mile from the Gulf. Their fried shrimp are colossal! The breading is delicate not heavy, and I swear if I could only have one fried shrimp again, including all my favorite food spots in Apalachicola Fla. Nicky’s would be my choice.”

That got my attention and he was not wrong. The shrimp was the best we’ve had since leaving Corpus Christi. In fact I told the manager, Tree, that this shrimp was as good as what we got from Snoopy’s in Corpus Christi. Nothing fancy but plan ole good cooking. You can decide for yourself.

  IMG 0204 IMG 0205

They do not have a web site but are on FaceBook.

After that, we drove around town a little to see where things were. Tomorrow we are going back to Camping World for a seminar on satellite TV system, then we are making a trip to pet friendly Rock City, Ruby Falls and perhaps Point Park.  If we have time we will hit the Railroad Museum.

By the way, is another one of my favorite links that I use when searching stuff we can do.

Sunday we will hard back to the farm, making stops at Fort Oglethorpe and Dalton, GA. Monday we go back to work.

Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “Babies – Really

  1. What a cute baby! Thanks for the link to chowhound. Need to check it for the best place for date night before we leave Branson.

  2. I vote Ringo too. Thanks for the chowhound website — will definitely have to check that out! Enjoy the rest of your vacation & be safe!tsroo

  3. Finally – a new baby!! He is so cute and I think Ringo is a perfect name. Thanks for the links to dog friendly and chow hound.

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