Holy Hilarity Sunday

This morning we visited a new church. The pastor of the Church of the Not For Us declared that today is officially Holy Hilarity Sunday. Tradition has it that God laughed at Satan after the resurrection. We had not heard of that before. It must be a Georgia thing that goes with boiled peanuts.

During a recent service, a man got up and walked out right in the middle of the sermon. The pastor continued his message un-phased. At the end of the service, the man’s wife met the pastor at the door and said, “Pastor, I want to apologize for my husband’s behavior during the message this morning. See he is a chronic sleep-walker.” So there you have it, Holy Hilarity Sunday.

Today is April 15th also better known as Tax Day. Since Tax Day falls on a weekend, Monday is Tax Day. But wait, Monday is a holiday in Washington so Taxes are due on Tuesday. By that logic, taxes are never due because everyday in Washington DC is a holiday.

Did you ever wonder why Taxes are due on April 15th and not Dec 31 or some other day? Congress passed the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which allows for the implementation of personal income tax, on February 3, 1913, and chose March 1 of the following year as the filing deadline. The deadline was changed to March 15 with the Revenue Act in 1918, and, then to April 15 in 1955. Moving back the date from the end of the tax year served two purposes — it gave the IRS more time to handle the work and, more importantly, more time to hang on to your money before issuing you a refund.

Lastly here are some other tidbits you may not know about regarding April 15th.

  • Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865 
  • The 1st Olympic Games closed on April 15, 1896 
  • The Titanic Sank April 15, 1912 
  • The Flemish-Walloon riots in Louvain Belgium caused 1 death on April 15, 1924 (for my Belgian family)
  • Ray Kroc starts McDonald’s chain of fast food restaurants on April 15, 1955

I thought I would introduce you to the boys today.

IMG 0159
After walking the boys, the are harnessed to the fence before they are release to frolic in the pasture. Left to right, Smudge, Fankie, Rudy, Cricket, Major Deal and Brutus. Smudge, Rudy and Major Deal are standards. Frankie, Cricket and Brutus are minis.

Carol takes care of the ladies. Here Carol is harnessing September. She is a mini and is due in the net two weeks.
   IMG 0729
Here she is harnessing Sugar, a standard llama.
   IMG 0728
We’ll get more photos posted of the girls in the coming few days. And soon we will have photos of two baby llamas. Then you will understand why we do what we do.

I’ll leave you tonight with this photo of Sophie doing what she does best – watching over the herd.
    IMG 0757
Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “Holy Hilarity Sunday

  1. Very Funny!!! Nice pictures of the llamas. They sure look clean and well cared for. Anxious to see the baby photos.

  2. Can't wait to see baby llamas!

  3. Really nice blog Jerry! Really enjoyed reading it. Thnx for sharing!

  4. I love the girls they are so cute.

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