Restful Day

Friday was a restful day mainly because I am proud to announce that I took a nap. Now having a restful day may seem out of sync with Thursday’s blog. If you recall I mentioned we would be moving hay. Yes we did move hay but not as much as I thought we would. The hay is stored in Barn 1. You can also see the ChuckWagon in the background. It holds 4 bales of hay.
   IMG 0155

Yesterday I washed out the back of the ChuckWagon. Before moving the hay, we covered the ChuckWagon bed with a plastic tarp. We can’t be stacking hay in the bed of ChuckWagon where we normally carry poop. We took 4 bales of hay to the basement of the main house. The basement opens to the pasture where we keep pregnant mom’s.
    IMG 0726

Then we moved 12 bales to the lady’s barn. That wasn’t too bad cause the lady’s barn is next to Barn 1 where the hay is stored.
   IMG 0733

I thought we would be moving hay to the guy’s barn. That is where the hard work is. The hay in the guy’s barn is stored on the 2nd floor loft. And it holds 16 bales of hay. Today was not the day to haul hay to guy’s barn so it was a restful day.
   IMG 0741

After moving the hay to easy places, I continued on with the routine chores – cleaned the guy’s barn and fed the guys while Carol finished with the girls. Then Carol joined me as we went on the poop patrol. Because of moving hay, we got done a little later than normal.

After I dumped poop, I brought ChuckWagon back to RV. After breakfast, I was going to take Cody for a ride in ChuckWagon. He misses being with me when I go out and do my chores. He is not allowed to be in the pastures with the Llamas. Only Sophie and Bear are allowed there.

So after breakfast Cody jumped into ChuckWagon with me. It did not take him long to get adjusted to the ride. Unfortunately, he is a little too big to sit comfortable on the floor of the ChuckWagon and he does not fit in the seat. So, I am not sure how I can give him a daily ride in ChuckWagon where he will be safe and comfortable.
    IMG 0755

Tom the cat rides just fine. Of course Tom is smaller than Cody.
   IMG 0154

After all that work, Carol needed to make a run to the store to pick up a few grocery items. While she was gone, I completed our taxes. All I can say is it was not a pretty picture but it is done. Net year will be much better.

Thanks for stopping by.

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