There’s An App For That

Yep, there is an app for just about anything. We are considering purchasing a satellite system for the RV. I think we’ve just about decided on Dish because they have a pay-as-you-go service. Meaning we can activate and de-activate in 30 day increments. Also, Dish is the only service that has a portable dome antenna that receives HD broadcast. The first big test is to determine if there are any obstacles that would block the signal from Dish. So I found an app for that.
   IMG 0149
The three red dots in the image represents the approximate location of the Dish satellites. Once I downloaded the free app in my iPhone, I pointed the phone toward the southern sky, then point up. Pretty cool. Those satellites are 22,400 miles away. The fact that a dish 18″ in diameter can be pointed at a satellite that far away and receive a goo equality signal is mind boggling.

All Camping World SuperCenters will be hosting Satellite Days seminars from Thursday, April 26th through Sunday April 29th. Not only will Dish representatives be on hand but Camping World will be discounting the equipment cost during the weekend. From our location, Chattanooga is closest at 50 miles away. I think we will be going to Chattanooga one of those days.

This afternoon after morning chores, Carol and I drove South to visit Tractor Supply in Ellijay. We have discovered that Tractor Supply has a large selection of denim wear at reasonable prices. Also, Walmart is located in Ellijay so we were able to take care of a little grocery shopping as well. Of course we treated ourselves to a Starbucks visit. Because of Carol’s birthday, she had a free drink coupon that was to expire over the weekend. Plus I needed more coffee so we made good use of our trip. (P.S. I would be drinking Jet Fuel from Independence Coffee Company in TX but their shipping charges for a couple of bags of coffee are pretty high.)

Since Carol drove back, I took some photos along the way. I think I may be mesmerized by the scenery because we’ve lived on the coast for so long. To see anything but flat and straight roads is a good change of pace for us.

DSC 2403 DSC 2404 DSC 2407 DSC 2411 

After we got back home, we took a nap.

We have been buying bottled water or refilling the water bottles for some time now. Today we bought a Brita water pitcher. Thought we would see if this is works as well as using bottled water. It will certainly be more convenient. We’ll let you know how it works out.

Tomorrow the boys get an exercise walk that will most likely wear us out. There are 6 boys and 3 walkers. That means we each will make two trips on the walk. The walk will take the boys from their lower pasture, uphill to the farm house and then to their travel trailer. The trip back is mostly down hill. After their walk, Carol and I will then finish our morning chores. Life is good and retirement is wonderful. We would not have it any other way.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “There’s An App For That

  1. Brita is a much better idea than ongoing purchase of water bottles – certainly better for the environment!

  2. I think I have the same App on my iPhone – it's pretty slick alright.

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