No Margaritas

Welcome to our new follower Kevin Stacy. Kevin is Minister of Music at Westwood Baptist Church in Palestine, TX. We meet Kevin and his lovely wife years ago in Corpus Christi. Welcome Kevin.

What? No Margaritas? That’s right. Monte Alban Mexican Restaurant in Blue Ridge apparently does not have a license to sell any alcoholic products; no Margaritas, no Dos Equis. OK. I’ll settle for tea please. We did not check with Trip Advisor. They ranked this eatery #27 out of 31. On top of that, they had no butter for the tortilla. Queso is called cheese sauce and is made with white cheese. We are just too accustomed to authentic Tex/Mex.

Today was solo day for Carol and I. She took care of the girls while I took care of the doggies and the boys. Sophie, (one of the doggies) did perfect for me. Sophie, sit! Sophie, wait! I place food bowl on the ground and place halter on her so she will stay out and not go after Bear’s food. OK Sophie, eat!. Sophie acted better then our doggies. Before heading down hill to the man cave, I got this shot of Cherio. She is the one lady who gave Carol fits this morning.
    IMG 0138
The boys were patiently waiting for me. I got their stalls cleaned and prepped their food. By this time, they were filing in. They all behaved according to their personalities. Rudy thinks he is in control – except he is not. Smudge (in the background and in next photo is the boss.
   IMG 0140
IMG 0141
The caption on this next photo should be “Too Cute”. This is Sadie. At 8 months old, she is the youngest of the girls. Being the youngest means she gets to eat more and gets a private dining room.
   IMG 0142
Sunday and Monday, Pam does the feeding/cleaning chores except she does not go through the pastures to scoop poop. That means we have extra poop to scoop on Tuesday and that literally fills the back of Chuck Wagon. now if I can only teach the llamas to poop in the field where I dump the Chuck Wagon, that would be pretty cool.
   IMG 0143
After today’s work, I fixed the tripod that stabilizes the front of our trailer, then I cut the grass in our front yard. That kicked up the pollen like crazy. Good thing I took an antihistamine this morning. I can only imagine how bad my sneezing would have been. After dinner, we closed up the girls barn and fed the doggies their evening snack.

As we chill for the evening, I leave you with a photo of Sugar. She is Sadie’s momma and stays in the pasture with the other two llamas who are expecting. This is how Sadie is weaned from her momma.
   IMG 0145
Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “No Margaritas

  1. Sugar is beautiful. Why is she clipped that way?

  2. This seems to be the clip the owner likes. I just figured it was a show clip. I do now they sell the wool.

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