Boiled Peanuts

Welcome Rod and Janie, fellow NOMADS, from New York. Carol and I worked with Rod and Janie on two NOMADS projects in Texas prior to heading East to Maysville, NC in February. Howdy Rod and Janie!

No kidding! Boiled Peanuts. You think I am kidding? Google the term ‘Boiled Peanuts’ and see if you do not get 1.5 million links.
Wikipedia, the worlds best and most reliable information encyclopedia has a basic article on the subject of boiled peanuts. Click here to see for yourself –
Today, Carol and I took a self guide walking tour of the historic district of downtown Blue Ridge. From what we understand, this place gets pretty busy on weekends and during the summer. Blue Ridge is close enough to Atlanta and Chattanooga, that folks from those areas frequent the Blue Ridge area on a regular bases. Three Sister’s Fudge also sells Blue Bell Ice Cream.  I think we will visit that place soon,
DSC 2389 DSC 2391 DSC 2392 DSC 2394
We decided to grab lunch at Danielle’s Great Eats, Trip Advisor ranks this place #9 out of 31 restaurants in Blue Ridge. I can say the food was very good and reasonable – especial for a tourist town. This is where I tried Boiled Peanuts.
   IMG 0134
The official Boiled Peanut World website describes the taste of boiled peanuts as similar to Edamame, but more savory. I would agree with that. I also understand that Boiled Peanuts aficionados can have pretty strong opinions about their favorite recipes or places that boil up these earth nuts. I do know, that I will have them again.
After lunch, we headed to Chamber of Commerce to pick up some updated brochures on happening in the area, then washed our truck, filled one tank of propane and came home. I actually sat outside for a while today to read a bit in a book (From Sea to Shining Sea by Peter Marshall).
Our weekend is coming to a close. We have been energized to hit the ground running on Tuesday. I have to admit that I have missed mingling with our 4 legged critters. If they cooperate Tuesday, I may even get some photos for posting. Tonight we will have a light supper and enjoy a few more hours of R &  R.
Thanks for stopping by.

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