Almost There

We are almost there now. There being Blue Ridge, Ga. One more short drive of 160 miles through the Southern part of the Appalachian Mountains.

This morning I got a little turned around when we left. The plan was to grab a breakfast at the Backyard Grill (recommended by Hagan-Stone Park manager), then fuel up the truck and head west. I should have taken I-85 to I-75 then I-40. Somehow I missed I-75 and stayed on I-85. That put me on course for Charlotte. Carol did a little navigating and determine that we can get back on course by taking US 64 North at Lexington. That is what we did. I-85 was rough in spots. We certainly would prefer something smoother. Oh yes, US-64 is asphalt. This is what we prefer.
   IMG 0621
We still cannot get over US highways being 2 lanes wide with no shoulder. We made it back to I-40 and are now headed for Asheville. Our camp site is just east of Asheville. At Exit 94 (South of Lake James State Park, I got a glimpse of what lies ahead. Pretty cool.
   IMG 0624
So far our truck has not stumbled on any of the small grades up or down. In fact at this point, I am very pleased with the way our truck has performed; no engine strain and good stopping ability. We pulled off I-40 at Old Fort to find our stop for the night; Catawba RV Park. This is a small family operated park.

The park is nestled in a valley so TV reception here is nonexistent. We watched a DVD movie instead. Carol worked on a seeing project while I worked on the blog.  We tried to connect via Internet with our Houston daughter but due to iffy Internet, could not make that happen.
   IMG 0626
Our site backs up to the Catawba River. Currently it is flowing like a small creek. Here is a view from our back window.
   IMG 0116
After a short rest, we ventured into Old Fort and found most of the better restaurants closed. We ended up grabbing a quick meal at Hardee’s. Nothing to brag about other than that it was quick. When we got back, we walked the doggies and chatted with our neighbors. They are here from St. Agustine, FL. They came up to celebrate their twin Aunt & Uncle’s 95th birthday. Tomorrow we need to make one stop at Camping World in Asheville to replace or water hose. It has developed a leak at the fitting where it connects to spigot. Then we will take more photos as we travel along to Blue Ridge.  Hope the rain in forecast will not interfere with our travel plans.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “Almost There

  1. Looks like you had a very nice drive. Enjoy your stay in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  2. Yup, those roads around there can be quite a challenge, even the Interstates. We drove through that area again just in January.

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