Baby It’s Cold Outside

We’ve rather enjoyed the comfortable spring weather. This morning, the temperature dipped into the low 40’s. We are thankful that it was a sunny day. Unfortunately, the sun did not warm the air past 60. Weatherbug reports it is 54 degrees at 8PM EDT. By morning, we will have frost on the ground. Burrrrr! That’s chilly. Tonight we have the FP on and are staying nice and toasty.
   IMG 0084
Guess what I worked on today? You are correct, I worked on the deck. Actually I worked on covering the open spaces beneath the deck and cabin with lattice panels. I also added another set of stairs to the entry porch of the cabin. Tomorrow I WILL have this work finished.

Carol had a day off today so she ventured to the post office, alone. I emphasized “alone” because she has driven very little since we have been here. We are always together. We needed to get a couple of things in the mail to our kids in Texas so this would be a good chance for Carol to escape me. She was gone for about 30 minutes when my phone rang. I knew it was her because I’ve programed my phone to bark when she calls. I thought perhaps she wanted to know if we needed anything from the local Piggly Wiggly store. Nope. She said she was looking for a place to let Qianna out so she could run a bit. She pulled into a parking lot, shut off the engine to the truck, got out and went to the other side to let Qianna out. Uh-oh! The door was locked. Some how she had managed to lock the truck as she was getting out of the truck. Her keys were in the truck. She called to let me know she had locked her keys in the truck and needed me to come to the reduce.

So, Cody and I took off to rescue her. I decided we would walk. She said she was behind the Methodist Church and I knew that was not far away. Maysville is a pretty small town so nothing is really far away. By walking, I would get a chance to clear my head. I was about a block away and she called me again asking if I was coming to rescue her. I told her where I was and that Cody and I are walking. I got there a few minutes later, got the truck unlocked. Qianna got out and ran a bit with Cody. She drove back the 2 miles back to Safe Harbor. Cody and I went back to our work zone. Carol spent the afternoon sewing.

Around 4PM, Cody and I decided it was time to stop for the day. The cabin is starting to look pretty good.

  IMG 0081 IMG 0082

Tonight was grilling night. After my shower, I fired up the grill and cooked up my specialty – rib eye. Since the grill was hot, I also grilled some bratwurst that will go to the freezer for later. Sorry no photo of this tasty rib eye. You will just have to imagine it. After kitchen was cleaned up, Carol got back to her sewing.
   IMG 0083
I know, she is not actually “sewing”. Her machine is doing the sewing, she is telling it what to do, then watching it happen. Carol calls it embroidery. Certainly a different type of sewing than my mother did. Her sewing machine was an early birthday present so since she is nearing her birthday, it is good to see her using it.

I contacted the owner of Windy Valley Llamas where we are headed next to let him know our travel plans. I asked him if he could recommend a place to eat in town where I could take Carol for her birthday on April 6th. His response blew me away, His wife’s birthday is April 8th. They decided to have a birthday celebration for his wife and Carol on April 6th. Looks like there will be 4 couples attending including us. What a wonderful feeling know we more than worker bees.

Thanks for stopping by.

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