That Looks Like Work

Today was shopping day. Carol had doggie duty and found the duty had been done before she got to dog center at her appointed time. I was headed for Lowe’s with Lynne to shop for a deck.

First I had to cut some large plastic barrels in half to make planters for the property. These barrels are about 36″ tall and 20″ in diameter. Lynne gets them from someone in South Carolina. When cut in half, they make large flower pots. Great second life for barrels that were used for shipping olives, or banana peppers, or even olive oil. These are much thicker than the plastic pots you find in the garden center. After cutting they got rinsed well, then the bottom halves got large drain holes so water will drain out. I’ll get some photos posted tomorrow.

Lynne and I headed for our shopping trip at Lowe’s in Jacksonville. The plan is to buy the structural material for a 8 X 14 deck. Lynne will get the deck boards after the foundation is in place. The composite deck surface is the most costly component of the deck, generally about 50% of the total material cost. Hopefully there will be a sale on the composite material in a week or two.

We finished making adjustments to the material list and had Lowe’s pull parts. Lynne needed to get back to Maysville so I drove back her back and picked up Carol. She wanted to get some grocery shopping done today. Back in Jacksonville now, we headed to Starbucks for some liquid refreshments for us and diesel for the truck. I dropped Carol off at Food Lion so she could grocery shop while I went back to Lowe’s so they could load the parts they pulled for our deck project. FYI – Lowe’s and Food Lion are about 1/4 mile apart on the same road. For our Corpus Christi readers, this is like Home Depot and HEB in Moore Plaza.

After I picked up Carol I had one more item to get – a 6′ X 10′ outdoor kennel.  Once this got loaded, we headed back to Maysville.
    Loaded Truck
When we arrived, The other workamp volunteer was there to help off load the kennel. The deck material will come off the truck tomorrow as we start the project.

 IMG 0545

The cabin in the background is where the deck building will take place. I think I need to turn in early tonight so I will be energized to get this project started tomorrow.

  IMG 0546 

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One response to “That Looks Like Work

  1. This is not the first time I have seen you with a truck load of deck materials. I know when you are done it will be amazing. I would like to see a picture of the dog kennel when you get it set up. I am thinking of getting one for Sonny and Sissy. May I say again, I miss you guys… bigsigh

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