Adopt-A-Thon and Other Stuff

In addition to today being the first DST day of 2012, it was Adopt-A-Thon. It also was a day that started off cold again. Yep, that’s right. The white stuff on our truck is frost. Know I know why I kept the ice scraper.
   IMG 0506
We got the adoptable doggies loaded into their crates in the van and headed out for Petsmart in Jacksonville.
   IMG 0507
Our station would be outside the main door of the store. This side faces north east so we would have sun for part of the morning. Then we would be in the shade for the rest of the day. Carol and I had the 1st shift along with Lynne. Being outside was not such a bad thing because we would be visible to the vehicle traffic driving past the store. The small doggies all wore a sweater of some sort so they would stay warm in their crates. The three larger dogs shared a pen. We had a lot of people come by to check out the doggies meaning there were several adoption inquiries that will require followup. These doggies where amazing. They were on their best behavior meaning they were calm and not stressed, they were quiet and not disruptive.

 IMG 0508    IMG 0509

We stayed bundled up most of the day. Being in the shade meant we had no warmth from the sun. It was apparent the locals thought today was warmer than us. It was amazing to watch people come by in shorts and tee’s, flip-flops or sandals. Most of the locals were dressed as if it was summer weather. The high temperature today barely got above the mid 60’s. Perhaps we were still chilled to the bone from last night.

Carol woke me around 2AM to let me know the heater in the RV was not coming on. I checked our indoor thermometer – it read 54 degrees. Now I did not need a number to tell me it was cold in the RV. I knew it was cold. So I flipped the thermostat control from heat to cool then back to heat. Viola, we have heat. Now I can go back to bed. When I woke up at 6AM DST, it did not take me long to realize the RV was rather toasty. The thermometer now read 73 degrees. I adjusted the thermostat to a more reasonable temperature. It is a good thing I filled both propane tanks yesterday.

Back to our day, we ended our shift at 3PM and headed for Tractor Supply to by a couple of pairs of jeans. Unfortunately they only had one pair. Carol was also hunting for jeans but found nothing suitable. Our next stop was dinner. We were hungry and had no clue where we would go. Our technique to solve this dilemma is called, “Ask a Stranger”.

We approached a young lady in the parking lot of Tractor Supply and asked for recommendations for a local sea food restaurant. The best she said was about 45 minutes south and a good alternative is just up the road a short way. We decided to go the closer place – Tony’s Seafood and Oyster Bar.  Carol ordered Crab Cakes and I ordered Pan Seared Scallops. We found another winner. We will be back to this place before we leave for Georgia in 3 weeks. Not only did the food taste wonderful, the presentation was something else. And the best part was the reasonable price.

 IMG 0510    IMG 0511

Tomorrow is our day off. We have a trip to New Bern for Walgreens planned, then we will make the loop around Croatan National Forrest and a ride along the Atlantic Ocean on NC58.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “Adopt-A-Thon and Other Stuff

  1. I was at a Pet store a few weeks ago, and there were rescue dogs in cages inside the front door. Everytime a customer came in with their own dog, the dogs in cages would all bark and jump around the cages, it was very annoying, and who would want to adopt such noisy, yippy dogs. I don't think the handlers did a very good job and I think they picked a bad location to have the dogs.

  2. Teri,That is so true of rescue dogs who have not been rehabilitated. Safe Harbor Farm operates on the principle of Cesar Millan from Dog Whisperer.Yesterday several people commented about how well mannered and behaved the dogs where. This was a good demonstration that Cesar Millan's principles really work.

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