Busy Day On The Farm

Today was a busy day on the farm. Critters needed to be fed, a sick water heater needed repairing, and doggies needed grooming for Sunday’s Adopt-A-Thon. And we still found time for some of the local attractions.

Carol was scheduled to feed the cats this morning. Perfect time to show how obedient they have become. In the first photo, Carol is headed to Trump 1 while the cats follow. The middle photo shows the complex design of Trump Towers for the cats. The photo on the right show the cats following Carol to Trump 2. Some of the cats are double eaters – they eat at Trump 1, then he’d for Trump 2 for the second course.

DSC 2306 DSC 2311 DSC 2312

We have a few resident ducks on the farm. These two think they are cats since they tend to hang out with the cats. When Carol started the feeding, the large duck flew into the yard near Trump 1, nibbled cat kibbles from the ground, then followed her to Trump 2.
DSC 2315
After the cats were fed, we enjoyed our breakfast. While Carol began on the dog grooming, I headed for the Kindness Clinic to take a look at the water heater. The hot water has a very strong rotten egg oder. Some folks recommend removing the anode rod, while others recommend replacing it with one made from a different material. The first and least costly remedy is two remove it. There is not much room above the hater heater so I need to cut an opening above the heater. Middle photo is the escape hole for the anode rod. The last photo shows the hex head of the anode rod. Looks like I got it right.

IMG 0454 IMG 0485 IMG 0492

Now to get it out.

IMG 0495 IMG 0496 IMG 0498

Tomorrow I place a plug in the heater where the anode rod was, fill the water heater, turn it back on and start flushing. Hopefully the smell will go away. While I was working on this project, Carol was busy bathing dogs who are going to the Adopt-A-Thon on Sunday. Here are three clean doggies – Albert, Hazel and Stockings.

IMG 0500 IMG 0501 IMG 0502

I decided tonight would be good time for a date with sweety so we went to Andy’s for dinner. On the way there, I passed by this house and thought how cool his collection of gas station memorabilia was. The Sinclair sign got my attention because my Grandfather sold Sinclair gas in Elroy, Tx back in the 50’s. My brother retired from Texaco.

IMG 0503 IMG 0504 IMG 0505
A cold front blew through today so we had some rain for part of the day. Now the temperature is falling as we head into a cold night again. The cold will not last. Next we, temperatures should be in the mid to high 70’s.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I sure hope some of those doggies find forever homes on Saturday. Good luck.

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