100 Years of Oreo

Two days ago on March 6th, Oreo celebrate its 100th birthday. Happy Birthday Oreo. Now there is a good reason for March Madness. We were in Walmart today and I decided to get a package of Oreos. Now that is a strange thing because I just don’t flip over the original Oreo. As I looked at the shelve, I was stunned at the options. Do you have any idea how many different flavors of Oreo are available? According to my trusted source , there are over 34 different flavors of Oreos sold world wide. In 2010, Oreo partnered with the movie “How To Train Your Dragon” and introduced Oreos with red creme. Carol bought a package of Oreos the other day that had yellow creme. This is one of their Spring color. I had never seen them before.

Back to my Oreo shopping experience – my eyes scanned the shelves from top to bottom, left to right. Oreos of all colors and names. Ah Ha! There they were. Double Stuff Cool Mint Creme and Double Stuff Peanut Butter Oreo. The Mint Oreo is a good sub for my favorite Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. The mint is not as strong in the Oreo but it sure is tasty. And the Peanut Butter Oreo is a good sub for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Oreo, you made my day.

We decided to head to New Bern today to pick up some antiseptic soap and non stick gauze pads for Carol. That is what led us to Walmart. Before we hit Walmart, Carol found a sub for Barnes & Noble when she found Books A Million, the second largest bricks and mortar retail store in the US. While there she learn how to connect her Nook to any WiFi. While she was there, I went to Lowe’s to get a material list and quote for a 10×14 deck we will probably build next to a cabin here at Safe Harbor Farms.

As we left Walmart, I decide the weather was too nice to drive around in a truck that looks as if it had been mudding. We found a coin operated car wash and pumped in about $6.00 in quarters to pressure wash the caked on mud off and to vacuum the interior. Wish I had a before picture. Trust me, our truck looked like a genuine farm truck with mud caked everywhere.

We left there and headed back to NC 17. We discussed getting a bite to eat since our tummies were growling. We saw one of the few Mexican restaurants in the area – Arturo’s. We both decided to turn the truck around and hopefully satisfy our need for TexMex.
   IMG 0480
I ordered their Enchiladas DelMar. Carol had a Beef Taco and Cheese Enchilada. Verdict? Certainly not the authentic TexMex like the many places in Corpus Christi. Not as good as the big chains in Texas. But not bad. Will we go back? Probably, unless we find a different place. The food was OK. My DelMar Enchilada’s were tasty. The refried beans were too soupy. The enchilada sauce tasted more like tomato sauce. I’ve heard that before from other who live on the East coast.
   IMG 0481
We got back home with a clean truck. Carol and I rested a bit then Carol headed for the dog center to get Sugar, a salt-n-pepper shih tzu. Sugar had a grooming date with Carol. I helped with the bathing part will Carol did the grooming part.

IMG 0482  IMG 0483  IMG 0484 

Sugar was very good even though she was not happy to get the bath. She was well behaved and would make a good pet for someone. Sugar will be going to Jacksonville on Sunday for the Adopt-A-Thon. 

While Carol was finishing up with Sugar, I had a conversation with our not so smart rooster. I explained to him how he should be crowing when the sun comes up, not just when he feels like it. Hopefully he is a fast learner. It does not really matter to me since I sleep with my hearing aids out meaning I do not hear him anyway. If I am successful at getting him to crow when he should, I may take up a new profession – Rooster Whisperer.

DSC 2300
As we wrap up the day, our canine fur babies are happy campers.
   DSC 2304
Thanks for stopping by.

3 responses to “100 Years of Oreo

  1. "Rooster Whisperer" haha – you might get your own show on Animal Planet. Funny you should mention Oreos. I am not a real fan either but walking into Walmart the other day, we saw the same display of Oreos. For some reason, the Neapolitan caught my eye. It is a triple-decker vanilla cookie with one layer of chocolate filling and one layer of strawberry filling. It's okay but I probably would not go out of my way to buy them again.

  2. Hi there,
    My husband and I are thinking of volunteering at Safe Harbor later this year. I have read some good things and bad things about volunteering there. Any thoughts from you would be greatly appreciated! Thanks from David and Mary

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