Don’t Fence Me In

Carol was out of here this morning with the rooster. Well, not quiet. She did have a 7:30AM date with the doggies to help with morning doggie duty. I was up up at my usual 6:30 AM. Since is was colder than ice this morning, I had to check the outside temperature. This is what I saw when I stepped out.

IMG 0460
That is frost on the truck this morning. The doggie water bowl also froze over. Cody and Qianna will be eating water until this thaws. The outside thermometer said it was 27 degrees. Last night the weather guy on the local ABC channel said we could expect 24 overnight. If I were in Corpus Christi, I would not think that is a big deal. Living in an RV with exposed water and sewer lines, that could be a big deal real fast. The key is how long will the temperature be below freezing. We would experience below freezing weather for over 6 hours. That is long enough to be a problem. I remembered reading on several RV blogs about precautions to take in case of freeing weather. I did these things

Disconnect fresh water hose from faucet and RV.
Drain water hose.
Empty sewer hose and make sure grey/black tanks are closed.
Turn on tank heaters.

When Carol returned from her morning doggie duty, I reconnect everything and checked to make sure water was flowing as it should and found no leaks in the water hose. Egg McMuffins were on the menu for breakfast this morning. I decided I want to kick mine up a bit. I had bacon instead of ham and Monterey Jack & Jalapeño cheese instead of American cheese. The only thing missing was some kicked up ranchero sauce.

Around 9:00, I thought I should get something done today. The fence project would be perfect. Replacing 20 feet of rabbit wire fence with a 4 foot privacy fence would not be too difficult. I wonder what condition the soil is here. I loaded my tools into the truck and backed it up to my job site. I kinda feel like Jerry the Handy Man. Good thing Lynne had a manual post hole digger. Sure hope there is no gumbo type clay here.
   IMG 0461
That was pretty easy. The gate post is set; the the rest should be pretty straight forward. The two 48″ tall privacy fence panels will be held in place by clamping support rails to 1 5/8″ chain link fence posts. These will be pounded into the ground. Hopefully. Since I am the guy with tools, TJ (the other workkamper’s son) came over asking for my help removing a rusted bolt from a small hitch. I just happen to have a 1 1/8″ combination wrench. We grunted and grunted. The bolt was not going to turn loose.
    IMG 0466
Back to the fence project. It looks like this fence is beginning to take shape. Tomorrow I should be able to finish this project.
   IMG 0468
Remember the runaway doggie from the other day? This is the gate where Venchensa escaped. In addition to the fence project, I am adding a second gate. A double gate arrangement will keep escape artists from making a quick get-a-way from this gate.
   IMG 0462
Carol set up her sewing machine for a couple of sewing projects she wants to do. She also groomed one of the dogs who will be going to an Adopt-a-thon in Jacksonville on Sunday. While Carol works the dogs, I will do a little shopping and will scout out the area.

That’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by.

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