Weekend Is Over

Our weekend is coming to a close. The sun has set and the darkness is all that remains. After two days of persistent rain, the sun came out today and started drying out the mud. We have new neighbors today, Goats.
   IMG 0453
Due a scheduling mix up, Carol had to fed the cats this morning while I met with Lynne to talk about a couple of projects that I will be working on. For the past two days, we have been trying to get to a small guest cabin that sits on the back of the property so we can mop and wipe counters down to rid the place of cat liter dust. The rain and mud around the cabin prevented us from doing that until today. So this morning we took care of that before we headed out with Cody and Qianna.

First stop was the post office to mail birthday cards and a package. Then we headed to New Bern, 20 miles away, to visit Lowe’s, Walmart and Petsmart. Our trip to New Bern was very long this morning because we followed a convoy of Marine tactical vehicles for several miles. While the posted speed limit was 55 mph, they were clipping along at the brisk speed of 30 mph. I passed one of the vehicles only to realize there were too many vehicles in this convoy to get around all of them. They turned off NC 17 just a few miles south of New Bern.

As we pulled into New Bern, Carol suggested going to a nail salon to so she could have a broken nail repaired while I went on to Lowe’s. My trip to Lowe’s took a lot longer then her nail repair so Carol walked a few doors down to Walmart to pick up a few things that did not make our shopping list from the other day. I finally got checked out of Lowe’s and was headed to the truck with my shopping cart when Carol called me again to let me know she was done and ready for me to come get her. When I loaded my purchases into the truck I discovered a trash bag that I forgotten to drop off this morning before we left. The bag had come open on the 20 mile trip to New Bern and now had less trash in it than it did before. OOPS. I am sure the folks who were behind me on the highway had some interesting thoughts about that truck from Texas with the garbage flying out of the back.

Cody and Qianna were model doggies as we walked into Petsmart until Cody met an alpha Weimaraner. The sniffed at first then growled at each other. Of course Cody was corrected on the spot and from that point on, he behaved. As we were walking through the store, the Petsmart official pet trainer came over to visit and gave out doggie treats. It was good to see Cody and Qianna behave well again.

As we headed out of town, we decided to stop at Bojangle’s Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits for lunch. For those who do not know, Bojangle’s is a franchise operation primarily located east of the Mississippi River. Their fried chicken has a slight Cajun kick, not as strong as Popeye’s Chicken, but certainly more flavorful than the KFC. Their biscuits are WOW good.

We got back home, tired from a day of shopping. The sky was clear meaning it will probably get cold tonight. As long as that helps dry the mud, that is fine with me. Tomorrow is a work day for us. I think I will get started on the fence project first. I promise to have pictures.

Thanks for stopping by.

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