Who Let The Dog Out

I will have to fess up at the very start. I did. Carol and I were learning how to walk the pack today. The routine started with scooping poop. This somehow lets the dogs know we are friend not foe. Of course Lynne the pack alpha is there providing instruction and guidance. With scoop in hand, I headed for the poop field. I scooped little poop and big poop. I’ll stop with the description because I should. The scoop was full of doggie poop and the poop trash can was on the outside of the doggie play area. It appeared to me the doggies were preoccupied with alpha Lynne and Carol. I headed for the gate the separated me from the poop can, check around very carefully for any doggie waiting to make a quick get-a-way. All was clear, I carefully opened the gate very slowly. About the time I got one foot out of the gate, a grey furball named Venchensa made a super sprint through the gate. Alpha Lynne said this was not the first time he had done that. Venchensa was no where to be found. He was out of here. I sure feel bad about that even though Alpha Lynne said it was not my fault. So Venchensa made a choice today to leave the confines of dry and warm to be out in the open where it is wet and cold.

Today was sort of a day off for us. Carol did not have to clean the Cat Center and the rain kept me from working on outdoor projects. Since we went to Walmart to get some much needed groceries, I decided this morning to fix a real breakfast; Fried Eggs, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Grits and toast. That’s the way to start any day. 

Then I took the our doggies to the dog run. The rain turned the dog run into a mud run. When we got back the dogs needed a quick rinse and towel dry before they were allowed back into the RV. I am sure glad the wind is not as big a factor as is the rain. Our awning makes it easy to get in and out without worrying about keeping the rain out. After cleaning up the doggies, we just vegged for a bit.

I met with Lynne mid afternoon to look at a couple of projects. One involves dry wall work and one involves replacing the anode rod in a water heater. The hot water in the animal clinic smells like rotten eggs. This is an indication the anode rod needs replacing. There is not a lot of clearance on top of the water heater so it may be a challenge pulling the anode rod out of it. That project will wait until next week.

Around 4 PM, the rain let up a bit so that was a good time for our lesson on walking the pack. That’s when I let the dog out. The rain came back so Lynne decided the dogs would not get their walk. They have plenty of space in their dog run and play area. When Carol came back from the dog center, she told me a 2nd workkamper had arrived. Unfortunately, their site is pretty muddy from the rain this afternoon so, they are dry camping out by the gate until Sunday. Hopefully, the rain will let up a bit to allow them to get set up.

Tonight, I felt a creative spirit in my cooking effort. One of my favorite meals in Corpus Christi was Pollo Campagnola at Mama Mia’s. We had chicken, sausage, potatoes and other basic items like onions, mushroom, etc. The sausage was left over grilled Brat instead of Italian Sausage. That works for me. It was not as good as Mama Mia’s but it was pretty good for my first attempt.
   IMG 0451
Top it off with a class of Black Opal Shiraz and all I can say is Yummy. That sure was good.

After cleaning up from supper, Carol and I had a long chat with Laura and Gage via FaceTime. WiFi connection was pretty good for the conversation. At the end, Laura said she want to see Cody and Qiana. When I called them over, Laura and Gage started calling their names. I tried to get a picture of Cody looking at the computer turning his head one way then the other. He recognized their voices but could not figure out where they were.

Sunday we plan on having breakfast at Pop’s Main Street Dinner. Then worship at First Baptist Church Maysville. Hope the weather clears up before the cold sets in.  Sunday is a real day off for us. I think Carol will get after a sewing project. I may just start working on our tax return – ugh.

Thanks for stopping by.

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