Day 1 SHF

If you think you will be getting a detailed day by day commentary on each day activities, that probably won’t happen. We are working here for the next month. We are not on vacation. We do have time off during each week and we are establishing a schedule. Today was also my birthday so Happy Birthday to me. It was a busy day and we are both tired. I have often used the expression, “That’s like herding cats.” when describing a complex task. Today I discovered that expression has nothing to do with complexity. Herding cats is easy. There are two ways to herds cats. One is to place Carol in the middle of the pack and the other is feeding.
   IMG 0440

Tomorrow I will get a photo of cat feeding. The cats are fed twice daily at Trump Towers I and II. As we head to the towers, the race is on. It is quiet a sight. Here is Trump Tower II. Home to 32 cats. Tower I also houses 32 cats. The cat center houses the rest either inside or on the back porch or under the center.
    IMG 0446

When it is feeding time, the cats come from every direction. Some are timid, some or piggies and some are bossy. Because we are feeders, they like us. After feeding time, Carol then cleaned the cat center, top to bottom. That means scooping the community latrine, sweeping and mopping the floor and cleaning up any ‘oops’ the cats may have made over night. While Carol was doing that, I was introduced to the lawnmower. When we had our house, i determined that I would not be a grass cutter. So what am I doing cutting grass. Well, it is a job that needs to be done and the lawnmower is – – – well i think you get the picture.
   IMG 0444
This lawnmower may not be one of those super cool, zero turn mowers, but it is pretty cool. Once I got the hang of it, I thought, if a person is going to cut grass, this is the way to do it. Tomorrow I get to finish the trimming and then take a look at why the mower does not cut flat. Overlapping cuts are not cutting evenly. Other than that, I also fixed a window in the cat center that would not open.

We were introduced to the dog pack today. If you have ever watched Cesar Milan and Dog Whisperer, you will know what the dog pack is. This facility operates on the same premise the Cesar Milan operates his center in California. They rehabilitate dogs, giving them a balance that allows them to exhibit good normal dog behavior. There are over 40 dogs at the farm and you rarely hear a dog barking. That is because they have no reason to bark. They are relaxed and the pack is balanced.

We celebrated my birthday this evening with a simple meal at home. First time we cooked in the RV in a while. It was pretty cool eating diner and looking at the view from the dining room table.
   426489 3451849817905 1320561544 33372370 1732118879 a

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One response to “Day 1 SHF

  1. First of all – Happy Birthday! Looks like you are going to be kept busy. I like stories about dogs and cats (any animal, really) so looking forward to reading whenever you post.

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