Road From Hell

Today we thought we had smooth sailing. The plan was to take I-20 from Heritage RV Park in Augusta, GA to Florence RV Park in Florence, SC. A trip of 159 miles. This should be an easy route so I asked Carol if she would like to drive it. Nothing tricky, no small roads, no tight turns. Carol makes all the correct turns and we are now headed on I-20 into South Carolina. Looks pretty cool.
IMG 0410
Then we get to the South Carolina state line. Our nice comfy trip turned into the road from hell. Carol described it as riding on a washboard. Think about driving on the highway, listening to the tires crossing over the transition joints. You know the sound. It almost sounds like a train on railroad tracks. In a Lincoln TownCar, you can hardly feel the tries crossing those joints. In a 1 ton truck pulling 15,000 ponds, not only do you hear the tires crossing the joints, you feel the tires crossing the joints. The feel is amplified by the weight of the trailer and the stiff suspension of the 1 ton truck. For 4 miles we had washboard road. I beseech the South Carolina DOT to change their sign at the state line to read something more appropriate such as “Welcome to South Carolina, The Rough Rider State”.
IMG 0412
Fortunately after 4 miles, we were back on asphalt so the ride was much better. Just about the time I was ready to take a short cat nap as we were approaching Columbia, guess what showed up again. Good guess – more road from hell. By the time we got to Florence, we were both beat up. We arrived safely at Florence RV Park northwest of the city around 1:30. We were unhitched and set up in about 40 minutes. Now time for a rest.

IMG 0416     IMG 0417

I asked the office staff about a recommendation for dinner. We were looking for a place unique to Florence and South Carolina. The ladies thought for a moment and said, “Most of the folks here just go across the interstate to the Flying J.” I said thanks for the suggestion.

When I got back to our RV, I googled “good eats, florence sc”. From the links that came back, I found RedBone Alley. This is a unique restaurant in that the owner converted a J.C. Penney’s store in a mall into the restaurant. You can read about it on their website.

I planned to have photos of our dining experience but the camera battery apparently had its energy jolted lose on the trip today. I had CHICKEN PONTALBA, their “infamous” cheese grits loaded with spicy fried chicken, local sausage, mushrooms and Low Country hash brown potatoes. Carol had FETTUCCINE MOSAIC, hearty bowl of fettuccine Alfredo tossed with grilled shrimp and chicken topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a few green onions. Served with a side salad. YUMMY.

After dinner we fueled up at Walmart (3.85) plus bought a few groceries that will get us to the weekend. Tomorrow we will be at our March Workkamp gig – Safe Harbor Farm in Maysville, NC.

Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “Road From Hell

  1. and then all the driving and being beat up by the truck will be worth it as Mom loves on those animals!!

  2. I hate those washboard roads, but there is really no way to know they are there until you are upon them.

  3. I think it is time to give TrailAir Triglide a serious look.

  4. We thought those roads were bad when we had our F250. Then we got our F350 dually and REALLY felt the stress. And after every trip we found something else broken in the fiver. We got an airride hitch and it helps some. Nothing more has broke, but the ride can still be somewhat rough.

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