Dodged a Chair

Today’s journey started with breakfast in the RV. Sorry no photos. We split a Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit – YUM. I had a nuked Jimmy Dean sausage/egg biscuit and Carol had her special cheese toast. After the monster rib dinner last night we decide to keep it simple this morning.

We hit the road about 10:30. Beautiful blue sky, bright sunshine and a cool 57 degrees. We made a short trip around the southern part of Montgomery so we cold make a Starbucks stop before the 200 mile trip to Macon, GA. By 11:00, we were on I-65 headed N.E. Nothing about this leg of the trip struck me as really special. We did notice there was a Hyundai plant in Montgomery. I bet you did not know that as of Jan 2011, Hyundai was the 4th largest manufacturer of cars by volume in the world and the largest ship builder in the world. Interesting info.
IMG 0382
The roads were pretty empty of traffic. I thought that was odd since today is Saturday. Once I begin to see church parking lots filled with cars, I realized that today is Sunday. Light traffic is always a good thing.
IMG 0385
We did encounter a couple of odd things while on the road today. From a distance, this vehicle looked like a home made RV. The closer we got, the more I began to think, “I sure hope that guy has this thing tied down well.” I can understand this transport occurring on a Sunday and not a Saturday.
IMG 0387
The other odd thing we encountered on the road today was a chair. Not just any old chair, but a real nice arm chair. This chair was not laying along the side of the road either. The arm chair was sitting perfectly on all four feet smack in the middle of the right lane on I-75 just south of Macon. Remember the light traffic I mentioned earlier. Once I got on I-75 in Byron and headed north too Macon, the traffic picked up considerable. Lots of folks going back home from the weekend. I noticed the vehicle in front of me abruptly swerved into the left lane. There in front of me, directly in the center of my lane was a lone arm chair. At this point I wondered if I could stop 21,000 pounds in the short distance remaining. Nope – not gonna happen. I check my left side and found the middle lane clear so I went left. Maybe not as abruptly as the vehicle in front of me but certainly more abruptly than I cared to. As I passed the chair, I glanced back and saw other cars swerving just as I did. About a half mile down the road, we saw a pickup on the shoulder of the interstate backing up. The truck had two oversized furniture pieces in the bed. Carol said, “Looks like he is going back to get his chair.” I just wondered what fool would drive down the interstate with furniture just sitting in the bed of a pickup not securely tied down. Then I began to get that sick feeling in my stomach over the thought that someone is going to get seriously hurt because of the chair.

We dodged a storm the other day, and today we dodged a chair. Thank you God for protecting us, giving me space to move into adjacent lane, and clarity to react in time to avoid a catastrophic accident. A few moments later we arrived at our Passport America destination, the Al Sihah Shrine Park in South Macon. The park is very quiet but the sites need much improvements. Example, the sewer connection in the ground is higher than the drain on the RV. That is not a problem for an overnight stop since we are not loading up our tanks tonight.

We ventured into town for dinner and found O’Charlie’s  We split a menu entre and added their Twisted Chips with Spicy White Queso appetizer. If you’ve never been to O’Charlie’s, we can say you should. Prices are reasonable, food is good and service is quick.
IMG 0391
Tomorrow we head to Augusta, GA. Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “Dodged a Chair

  1. Whoa, that could have been serious. Glad the good Lord was watching out for you… and others. It always worries me when I see people toting a load that is not secured. Makes me wonder if they're sitting on their brain!

  2. Thank goodness you missed the chair! The things people do sometimes amazes me… O'Charlies looks good. We will add it to our list of good places to stop.

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