MacRib Attack

WHOA! Let’s back this horse up a bit. I’ll tell you about the ribs later. Breakfast comes before dinner so I’ll start there. We decided to get a hearty breakfast this morning so we could skip lunch and arrive in Montgomery, AL a little earlier. While we certainly could have gone back to the Foley Coffee Shop, we wanted to try a new place. Darrell/Judy from Wandering America suggested Mom and Pop’s in Silverhills just up the road a bit. They had not been there so they could only say they heard it was good.
   IMG 0355
We took off for Silverhills and easily found Mom & Pop’s. The first indication that we made a good choice was the parking was almost full. We walked in and found a country motif that certainly fit the area. They even had a rather large stuffed alligator mounted on one of the walls. The folks seated at the table were talking to each other as if they knew everyone. I imagine they did. We got seated and looked at the menu. My eye focused on my breakfast – a Peanut Butter Waffle.
   IMG 0357
That’s right, a waffle (4 squares) slathered with peanut butter. This is how I like my waffles sometimes so that was my choice. And the verdict? Breakfast was great. Carol had scrambled eggs and grits. That also was a good choice. We now have another spot to visit the next time we are at the Plantation. Thank you Darrell/Judy.

After breakfast, we headed back to the Plantation to hitch up the trailer. We got everything closed up, hitched up, and paid up. A special thanks to Fred and Delores for allowing us to park on their side yard for a couple of nights. We look forward to a return visit. We pulled out of the Plantation about 10:30AM with clear skies and high 40’s. Drove east on County Road 28, then turned north on AL 59 aiming for I-65 to Montgomery.
   IMG 0362
Yes, I had both hands on the steering wheel when I took that photo. Carol was napping and I did not want to bother her. We arrived at Montgomery South RV Park about 2:00PM. The is a small park a few miles south of Montgomery. They have friendly staff and very clean facility. We are in site #1. No special “IT” factor. I-65 is nearby so the highway noise can be a factor if you want a real quiet park.
   IMG 0364
After getting set up and dogs walked, we decided to head to town for dinner. We were told the best place in town was Dreamland BBQ. Their specialty? Ribs! Now coming from Texas, I have my doubts about good BBQ outside of Texas. I know the Food Channel talks about all the great BBQ in places outside of Texas.
   IMG 0365
The ribs were very good, not the best but still good. The ribs are served on a dish cut into individual ribs which makes for easy eating. Some of the ribs were a bit dry, not as moist as I would prefer. The sauce had just the right amount of kick. We finished off diner with a very good banana pudding that had a good mix of ingredients. When we got back to RV, we let the dogs run a bit then settled in for the evening.
  IMG 0379
By the time I finished the blog, Qianna was in doggy dream land.
   IMG 0380
Thanks for stopping by.

4 responses to “MacRib Attack

  1. Guess we just missed y'all at Rainbow Plantation. We were with Darrel and Judy last weekend but left Sun PM. Jeanne treated me to birthday dinner in Mobile Al -Dreamland ribs [my favorite} "Ain't nothin better nowhere" is their motto and I concur. You'll have to direct me to your favorite in Tx.

  2. We have a lab that thinks she ia a lap dog also..

  3. Didn't you just love Rainbow Plantation? We are on their waiting list to purchase one of their sites. Right now we are #28 on the list. We hope to hear that we can get one soon.

  4. Enjoying your blog and all the good eateries! Be safe as you travel!

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