Sweet Home Alabama

We have traveled 823 miles since leaving Taft, Tx 6 days ago. It was time for a break so we planned two nights at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Al. When we rolled in around 1:30, the office told us there where no available sites other than dry camping. Dry camping means no water, no electricity, no sewer. While we can certainly dry camp, that is not something we are ready to do just yet. Not sure our batteries would power our toys. We knew where Darrell and Judy were parked so we pulled up at their site hoping they would have a solution. They were not home, so we called. Sure enough, they suggested driving through a couple of residential streets here and look for residents who have “For Rent” signs hanging on their lot. This means they rent a site or two next to their home. We called the first “For Rent” we found and left a message. Drove a little further down the road and Carol knocked on the door of another resident with a For Rent sign. The resident came out with Carol and pointed to a spot on their side yard. Next thing I know, we have a spot for a couple of nights for a nominal fee plus electricity thanks to cool couple from Wisconsin, Fred and Deloris. I had to back into the side yard doing a little “S” maneuver while backing. Thirty minutes later, we were set up, at least on the outside.
IMG 0336

As we looked at the inside, we decide we would go get a bite to eat first. We chatted with Darrell for a bit. He suggested Big Daddy’s Grill. While this place was not one of Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins or Dives, it certainly could be. The food was absolutely amazing. And we did not get anything fancy. Carol got the Chicken Strip Basket with Sweet Potato Fries while I had Fried Oysters with Onion Rings. What made this simple meal amazing? Everything was freshly made – nothing frozen. Pretty cool. Big Daddy’s was a big hit.
IMG 0337
Next, Carol and I went to Camping World. There were a few things we have been talking about getting for our home. We walked out of there after spending less than $200. That’s pretty good considering how easy it would be to spend a bunch. Plus our Good Sam’s Club membership qualifies us for a nice discount on all purchases. When we got back home, we had to do something about the inside. Every time we pack up to get on the road, we need to move our recliners and the stuff we normally have on the floor behind them. Notice how the recliners are positioned against the back wall. IMG 0340

We had been discussing switching the recliners with the sewing center. Tonight was the night that was going to happen. Now there is not much space in our home to do a major furniture shuffle so it was pretty crowded for a while. Patches even went into hiding in the bedroom. After getting stuff switched around, we even rotated our dining room table so we have more room coming into the living area.

IMG 0344

IMG 0345
So what do you think? We will know in a few days if this works for us. The main advantage for switching the recliners to the slide is we do not need to move much stuff when we close up the RV. It is supposed to be stormy tonight maybe. At least that is the way the weather guy described it. We’ll know for sure in the morning. Planning to treat Darrell and Judy to breakfast. In addition to chatting with Darrell and Judy, we will get the second half of our trip planned. Saturday AM we head out again.

Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Glad you found a place to park & hookup. Will have to try Big Daddy's the next time we visit Summerdale. The rearrangement of the living area looks good. God bless & travel safely!

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