Hard Day/Weekend

For most people, today is TGIF. The end of a hectic week. As I write this at noon on this Friday kids are thinking about the weekend ahead of no school. Working folks are anticipating the start of a weekend filled with yard work, projects, shopping, fishing, going to the beach or other stuff. In our household, TGIF should be TIMD (Tomorrow is moving day).

For the past few weeks, our daughter has been busy packing away all of  her earthly possessions and some of ours. Two weekends ago, our eldest daughter came down so she and her sister could go through Christmas stuff. We had a large closet full of it. Now we have one small box. That was a hard thing for DW to do while I worked outside.

100_0480Today, I repacked a few overly stuffed boxes so they could be carried and finished packing out the kitchen. Things where going well until I picked up the Pizza Peel that I made in October 2005. I actually made two back then. One for my eldest daughter Michele as a wedding gift and once for me. No room for that in the RV so this one goes to my youngest daughter Laura. The peel is made from Pecan and Mesquite wood. I paused and ran my hand over the wood remembering the challenge of getting the angle just right on the bottom.

100_0481Next I moved to Laura’s room to remove the curtain rod hangers and wall mirror that I reframed in 2006. The mirror came from the dresser my brother and I had back in the 50’s. I still have the dresser in the garage but it is all rotted out and is destined for the dump. I wish now that I had taken better care of it since my grandson needs a dresser. It would have been perfect for him.

100_0482I finished in Laura’s room and moved to my grandson’s room. Everything is ready for moving day except for removing the headboard from mattress frame. I made the headboard for Gage in 2006. He was ready to move into his big boy bed. Laura sent me a photo of a headboard she liked so I made it for him. There is a matching footboard for the bed also.

As I was writing this blog, DW asked if I wanted some lunch, grilled cheese and soup. Noticing she bought my favorite Cinnamon-Raisin Bagels, I said, “No, how about toasting up a bagel for me.” That’s when I lost it. The toaster had been packed for Laura’s move tomorrow.  The reality of the weekend hit me. After a few tears, I went to the RV to get our toaster/oven.

I am enjoying lunch now and looking forward for this weekend to be over. Our cupboards are bare now. After eight years in our wonderful house, our home is about to change.
More to come as the weekend unfolds.

5 responses to “Hard Day/Weekend

  1. It is difficult when so many of our material items hold precious memories. Just remember that you will always have the memories! What I did was take photos of some items I could not keep which held those special remembrances. That way I have the best of all worlds – I have the memory/feeling associated with the item, I can look at the item and I am full-timing! Hang in there; it does get easier and you will feel so good once you are lightened up and making new memories on the road. 🙂

  2. My thots & prayers are with you all as you continue the process of moving on to making many more memories on the road — it WILL get easier!

  3. You really have a talent with wood. It's hard parting with things, but great that so many are able to go to family. Just keep focused on the future you desire.

  4. It's hard to leave things behind, especially things you have fashioned with your own hands for those you love.

  5. I just read your post and can really relate. Steve and I recently gave away or sold everything we had in order to prepare for our future. We kept only what we would need and could fit into our MH. A few tears did fall but then I keep looking to the end goal and I know it's all worth it!

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