To Do List Getting Shorter

This week, my focus has been working on the garage exterior. Four things to be done include:
   1.  Replace rotted fascia boards
   2.  Repair a couple of window sills
   3.  Pressure wash siding and trim
   4.  Paint trim

Removing the rotted fascia boards was pretty easy since there was not much there to remove.  Had to repair a couple of 2×6 joists ends that were also rotted. Here are before and after for the fascia boards.

100_0452  100_0459

Window Sill 1
Now the window sills took a bit more work. When we bought this house, we had Sheba (half Golden Retriever, half Sharpie). She was smart but had an attitude.  One day she was being her gnarly self and decided to chew on this window sill.

First step is to remove the window sill typically held in place with a few nails. In old window sills, you can see the nail heads. That made for easy removal.

Window Sill 2In this image, the window sill is on the left, a fresh piece cut from a 2×6 is ready for profiling.  That means, I have to make the rectangle cut look like a trapezoid on steroids. So, the cutting begins.

Window Sill 5Looks like same profile.  Old is on the right, new is on the left.  Now to take it outside and see if it fits. Yep. I’ve done this before.  It is much easier doing this with a table saw, however, it can be done with a circular saw.  The key to success is a sharp Freud Diablo blade.

Window Sill 6Looks OK to me. Next week the garage fix up continues.  Pressure washing to get rid of dead paint and clean  the junk off the siding, then a coat of paint on the trim will make the garage sparkle. Well maybe not sparkle, but at least it will look more presentable.

When my shop tools sell, I think I will cry. But comfort will come when I begin the new lifestyle.

Thanks for visiting.  More to follow.

2 responses to “To Do List Getting Shorter

  1. That looks like a lot of work. We have to replace our gutters and downspouts this year and not looking forward to that. Sometimes I wish I was a full-timer…

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