Family Reunion

Labor Day weekend is our traditional time for the big family reunion. We originally planed on meeting up at Potter’s Creek Park on Canyon Lake (a COE park). However due to the extended heat, we decided to gather at Live Oak Ranch. The ranch is currently up for sale so this may very well be the last time we will meet there.
Our reunion is a three day event filled with fun, relaxation, family, rejuvenation and fabulous fellowship.
The family elders arrived early on Friday and enjoyed a quiet meal at Zubie Doo’s. After that there would be over 30 people ranging from babies to seniors to senior elders at the ranch.DSC_1397

We split the work up so while some are fixing a meal, some are relaxing.
DSC_1401 DSC_1402

Then after a hardy breakfast there is plenty of time for splashing round the pool or just relaxing and catching up on the past year.

Labor Day Pool   Collage 2 

Some times the photographer has to find a way to squeeze into a photo.DSC_1488We took time to celebrate a 60th birthday for Donna from the Traill clan.  They will be living in their RV (Flipper) so there is no telling where they will be on her birthday in October.DSC_1457On Sunday we invited Johnny and Carol Kerr to join us for dinner.  We met then through RV-Dreams. They were staying at Bastrop State Park and made the drive to Canyon Lake.  We had a wonderful evening chatting about living on the road.  They asked lots of questions about gate guarding work that Tom/Donna were able to answer. Of course a group photo was appropriate so here are Johnny and Carol with us. Not sure where T & D were.DSC_1801On a sad note, when they returned to their RV at Bastrop State Park around 11PM, the rangers told them they had to evacuate the park because the out of control wild fires were about to take over.
Finally, the weekend is over and everyone went home. Carol and I along with Tom and Donna stayed a bit longer to wash sheets and towels as well as clean bathrooms and vacuum carpets.DSC_1802Next year there is no telling where we may be. So far we are talking with folks from Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina. Stay tuned – we will let you know.

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  1. It was great meeting and visiting with ya'll on Sunday. We are regrouping in Austin. The fires in the area continue to burn. Lots of homes destroyed and people much in need.

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